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Treating Autism with Broccoli Sprout Extract

Sulforaphane for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Treatment – Study “The substantial improvements of individual ASD patients’ trajectories were conspicuous and suggest that further investigation of sulforaphane in ASD is promising,” say researchers involved in the study. The study, titled Sulforaphane Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, explores the effects of sulforaphane (a broccoli sprout extract) on behavioral […]

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Chikungunya Virus Epidemic Threatens America’s

Deputy Health Minister Fernando Ruiz on the Chikungunya virus, Based on what has happened in other countries, Chikungunya could infect about 670,000 people in Colombia in the next few months. – F. Ruiz Symptoms of the Chikungunya Virus Signs and symptoms of the Chikungunya virus include the acute onset of a fever, severe joint pain, […]

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Synapse Study on Autistic Spectrum Disorders

A study published August 21st, 2014 may help experts understand Autism Spectrum Disorder better than ever before. The study looked at the brains of Autistic children and found a synapse overload. Synapse Development and Autism The majority of our synapse development occurs in our very early childhood years, as we progress through our childhood years […]

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Exclusive Interview with the Prime Hangover Cure Team

We had the distinct privilege of talking with 2 of the co-founders of a brand new product that effectively cures hangovers. Walter Thornburgh, who is the formulator of Prime as well as Marlo Miller who is in charge of public relations took time to discuss their revolutionary new product with GlutathionePRO. Prime hangover eliminator is […]

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Dr Don Colbert Glutathione Interview

Dr Don Colbert is a huge player in the health community and he has been endorsing the health benefits of Glutathione for years. One of the more popular videos emphasizing the importance of Glutathione in an interview done with Dr Don Colbert back in 2012. Here is the Dr Don Colbert Glutathione Video originally released […]

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New Alzheimer’s Study – Blood Test for Early Detection

Better Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers at Georgetown along with six other health institutions discovered and validated this test. Releasing their findings in the April issue of Nature Medicine. This discovery will help the development of early treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease as well as offer a reliable test to discern your risk before the disease […]

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