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5 Health Foods That Are Anything But Healthy

Not only are there an increasing number of healthier food choices available to us nowadays, they’re taking up more space on our grocery store shelves. But more importantly, they’re also becoming more confusing. We’ve long been told that told that fat is bad for us, but there are plenty of healthy forms of fat that […]

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

The bitter tasting fruit is popular in Asian cooking, used more for its medical properties than its taste. Part of the gourd family, bitter melon grows on a tropical vine and looks like a very bumpy cucumber. 7 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon It isn’t pretty, it isn’t tasty, yet this superfood has gained popularity […]

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Antioxidants Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Isn’t Age Dependent Individuals in the military have an increased risk of developing a hearing problem. The constant ring of gun-shots and roar of jet engines takes a serious toll on their hearing. Because of this occupational risk, researchers began studying the effects of noise induced hearing loss on soldiers and the potential […]

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is a major concern for both men and women, and a number of things can exacerbate the problem. Stress, diet, lifestyle, age and genetics all play a role in our hair loss and hair growth. It is important to have a healthy diet as well as supplement routine in order to optimize hair […]

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Spicy Guacamole Deviled Eggs Recipe

This super healthy variation on an old classic is sure to be an instant hit at your next dinner party or casual get-together. Deviled eggs are a fan favorite and are relatively simple to make, the hard part is keeping them on the plate. By adding in a simple guacamole mix, you will take the […]

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This Is Your Face On Tanning Beds

The Face of Skin Cancer, Tawny Willoughby 27 year old nurse Tawny Willoughby bravely shared a photo of herself on facebook recently. Unlike most selfies that are a product of vanity and boredom, this picture was shared in an attempt to educate others on the dangers of tanning beds. Tawny showed the world her bloodied, […]

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Could Probiotics be the Cure for Seasonal Allergies?

A new review suggests that probiotics may be helpful for people with seasonal allergies or hay fever. Researchers examined past results of 23 studies and found that seasonal allergy sufferers may experience less severe symptoms and improved quality of life following the use of probiotic supplements. Lead author Dr. Justin Turner says further research is warranted […]

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8 Ways to Naturally Detoxify Your Body

Clearing toxins from the body is vital but most people don’t know where to start. Below are 8 great ways to naturally detoxify your body and promote total body health. Drink More Water Drinking water is crucial for our health, this is no secret. We have all heard the recommendation of 8 glasses a day, […]

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Healthy Pie Flavored Smoothie Recipes

Wouldn’t it be great to have your favorite dessert for breakfast? Better yet, what if it was healthy?! Below are 4 pie flavored smoothie recipes that are sure to please the whole family. Get the unique flavor of your favorite pie without the guilt. Pie Flavored Smoothie Recipes Blend the pumpkin puree, banana, milk, cinnamon […]

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