Glutathione FAQ

Clearing up common misconceptions about Glutathione supplementation and outlining the advantages of Acetyl Glutathione. If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered below, please let us know. We are eager to help and educate people on the topic of Glutathione.

Glutathione FAQ

Q. What is Glutathione derived from?

Glutathione is derived from three amino acids, forming a tri-peptide, endogenously made in every living cell on the planet.

Q. Is Glutathione safe?

Not only is glutathione safe, it is essential for even the most basic immune function. The foundation of our immune system, depleted levels cause illness and disease.

Q. What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a molecule made up of three amino acids, L-cysteine, glycine and L-glutamic acid. This tri-peptide acts like fly paper when passing through cells, gathering toxins and chelating heavy metals, allowing them to pass through the body and be expelled.

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Q. How does it help me?

With the constant exposure to airborne pollutants, radiation from electronics, heavy metals from fillings or foods, the glutathione levels in most people are deficient. This is the reason for a majority of disease and illness’. Raising your glutathione levels is the number one defense against the accumulation of toxins and metals, preventing dementia, diabetes, and countless other illness’.

Q. How can I get Glutathione in me?

In the past it was only effective to supplement glutathione levels through IV treatments once a week, large costs ensue with every treatment, not to mention the nuisance it was. This made IV treatment of glutathione an unrealistic option for people to take as a preventative against disease.

Oral glutathione supplements are quickly broken down in the gut, meaning much of the benefit is lost. However a recent study looked at the efficacy of L-glutathione on patients when taken daily. Glutathione levels rose between 30% and 35% in participants. You can also opt for one of two options that claim to be more bioavailable than reduced or L-glutathione. These are Acetyl glutathione and Liposomal glutathione.

One of the best ways to enhance glutathione levels is through the supplementation of GSH precursors. Able to promote endogenous GSH production. These include N Acetylcysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins B,C,E, Selenium and Milk Thistle.

Q. How do you measure Glutathione levels?

Certain blood and urine tests are effective at measuring glutathione levels in a person. Maintaining high levels of glutathione is essential for your immune system to function properly and fight off infection naturally.

Q. Who will benefit from taking Glutathione?

Everyone. very simply put, glutathione is the most prolific defense a body can have. Developed in every living cell, over millions of years this molecule is the most natural way our bodies know how to protect themselves. As a young person who is healthy, glutathione supplementation is important to maintain those high glutathione levels and is the best course of prevention someone can take. As you age, your glutathione levels drop dramatically, making it extremely important for sick or elderly people to supplement their levels to ensure good health and quality of life. After age 20 glutathione levels begin to drop, making it a universally important supplement. Glutathione benefits are numerous, it affects every cell in the body and is critical  to the health and function of each of those cells.

Q. Are there negative effects of Glutathione?

While the current science is unclear on the safety of glutathione supplementation for pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is suggested to consult your physician when supplementing. If taken as an inhalant it can worsen some symptoms of asthma.

Q. Can children take Glutathione?

Yes, just because levels don’t begin to drop dramatically until after age 20, our modern environment bombards the body with toxins and depletes glutathione levels in everyone. Children supplementing with glutathione will be building a strong immune system that will fight off infection and not allow the buildup of heavy metals in the body. Reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s drastically.

Q. Can elderly people take Glutathione?

They can and should be. A lifetime of exposure to toxins and radiation builds up in the body, making elderly people extremely at risk of developing health issues. Coupled with depleting levels of glutathione it is inevitable that illness’ will occur.

Q. Can severely ill people take Glutathione?

Every ill person has one thing in common no matter the illness, depleted levels of glutathione. Levels are depleted when fighting off illness and when glutathione levels are too low, the patient dies. It is a keystone for our immune system and of the utmost importance if you are suffering from sickness or disease.

Q. Do I need to supplement Glutathione if I’m already healthy?

Everyone will benefit from supplementing with glutathione, if you are not dealing with any health issues, you will be fortifying your immune system to fend off future illness; and experience increased energy levels. The plethora of benefits of GSH will help everyone no matter their current condition.

Q. What are some common side effects of Glutathione?

Expect clearer thought, increase in energy, deeper more restful sleep, fight off illness’ before they start, stronger more rapidly growing hair and nails, clearer vision, and an overall well-being that cannot be compared with any other health supplements to date.

Q. What is the best Glutathione supplement?

When looking for the best Glutathione supplement you need to look for a few different things. Look for precursors that improve the body’s natural Glutathione synthesis like, N Acetylcysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid, B Vitamins, Selenium and Milk Thistle Extract. Here is our favorite Glutathione Supplement on the market today.

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