Big Pharma Profiteering – New Drug Sells for $1,000 per Pill

[box]The systematic attack on American’s seeking healthcare took an outlandish step recently. Gilead Sciences inc. came out with a new drug to treat Hepatitis C called Sovaldi. This new Big Pharma drug costs $1000.00 per pill, meaning a treatment plan would cost about $84,000.00, but only in America. If you live in Egypt, you would only pay $900.00 for the very same treatment plan. From $1,000.00 per pill in the US to just over $10.00 a pill in Egypt.[/box]

Sovaldi – Hepatitis C Drug is 100 x More Expensive for Americans

If Gilead Sciences can turn a profit selling the drug for $10.00, why are Americans charged 100 x the price? The simple answer is because people will pay it, and the Big Pharma companies have one goal in mind, maximize profit.

With this over ruling philosophy in mind, it is no big surprise that most drugs developed by Big Pharma do very little to treat the cause of disease or illness, rather they treat the symptoms. Often bringing about a myriad of other ailments and side effects that require further medications. A never ending spiral, keeping people sick and ensuring they always require medication. This provides a constant stream of revenue for the companies that put out these drugs, subsidizing the ridiculous costs through medicare, passing the bill onto you and me.

The Problem With Big Pharma Profiteering

American’s are paying far more for healthcare than almost anyone else, yet the rates of obesity and illness have never been higher. Pharmaceutical companies continue to come out with more ineffective drugs, all the while systematically discrediting the natural, cheaper and often more effective treatment options.

Trusting a business that values profit above all else with the well-being of a country has proven itself ineffective. Unless you are a stakeholder in these pharmaceutical companies, you are on the losing end.

Profits Drive Healthcare

The American healthcare industry is one of the few places where you can get away with charging people $1000.00 for a pill that costs less than a dollar to manufacture. If this was almost any other industry it would be clear profiteering and these companies would face severe legal penalties, but because these are the companies that are responsible for the health and well-being of a nation, they can get away with it. Billion dollar businesses bleeding every last dollar out of each American by keeping them sick and reliant on toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

The ridiculous prices of these drugs are often not seen directly, a portion of the bill is picked up by health insurance companies. These health insurance companies then pass the bill onto the consumer through extremely steep insurance rates that many cannot afford. However people do everything they can to pay for these rates because they are bullied and scared into relying on these medications.

If the well-being of patients was the prime directive of the healthcare industry, then people wouldn’t be charged 100 x more for the very same drug being sold in Egypt. Pharmaceutical drugs wouldn’t deplete the body of essential nutrients, nor would they consistently discredit proven effective natural treatments.

Natural Treatment Options for Hepatitis C

Hundreds of thousands of people have been well informed about this new drug for Hepatitis C, because there is an exorbitant amount of money to be made. However the natural treatments including, bioflavonoids, particularly catechins and naringenin that have been scientifically proven to be non-toxic and to kill the Hepatitis C virus are virtually unknown to the public.

Glutathione for Hepatitis C and Beyond

Glutathione is the body’s most important and powerful antioxidant, proven to dramatically improve liver function and health.

With over 100,000 studies done on the plethora of health benefits that Glutathione offers, it is odd that so few people have heard of it. If Glutathione was a big pharma pill that brought in as much revenue as a Statins drug, or this new Sovaldi, you could bet you would not only know about it, but hundreds of thousands, if not millions of American’s would be taking it daily. But because it is safe, bringing about no harmful side effects and actually improving the health of people, it is not in the best interests for pharmaceutical companies to promote it. People would get healthy and not buy as many drugs, you would think this would be a good thing, but not when healthcare is sick care, a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

Quit being a life long customer of Big Pharma and inform yourself. Work with your doctor, but don’t blindly follow a treatment plan; do your research. The cheapest life insurance available is a well executed preventative strategy, reap the rewards of a healthier you today.

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Full Story on Sovaldi via CNBC Business News

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