What Is Glutathione?

Simply put, Glutathione is a molecule that acts much like a magnet; grabbing onto free radicals, toxins and heavy metals.
Absorbed every day through our skin, the air we breath and the food we eat, there is no getting away from immune crippling realities in our modern world.

Dr Oz On Glutathione

Dr Oz does a fantastic job illustrating the role that Glutathione plays in the body. Outlining the importance of Glutathione along with Dr Katz. Using his famous visual presentations, Doctor Oz really makes it easy to understand just what Glutathione is doing in the body. Our hope is that future episodes will be dedicated to this extremely important antioxidant to really emphasize the importance of this Master Antioxidant.

A Few Quick Facts About Glutathione

  • Glutathione is a naturally occurring molecule, your body produces it endogenously.

  • Your body naturally recycles Glutathione. Except when overloaded with toxins, this disrupts the balance.

  • The most important factor in total immune health.

  • Part of our chemistry, evolving with us.

  • Our bodies cannot produce sufficient amounts of Glutathione for the world we live in today.

  • Supplementing orally with high quality forms of Glutathione is effective and vital for optimal health.


If It Occurs Naturally Why Supplement?

Glutathione is a molecule that has been around since life itself. Slowly evolving, so slowly that it is not prepared for the world we live in today. The sudden boom in pollution, processed foods and radiation exposure has left our bodies helpless, we simply cannot adapt that quickly to our world. Depleted by things such as stress, our modern diet, pollution, toxins and our exposure to radiation via x-rays and even cell phones.

Supplementing your glutathione levels is the only way to have a fighting chance against these unavoidable realities in our day to day lives. This brings with it another obstacle, unless you take Glutathione intravenously your body isn’t absorbing it as effectively as it should. This is why you must be careful when looking at most Glutathione supplements. Recently however something called Acetyl Glutathione has become the topic of interest. Acetyl Glutathione will in essence, carry the Glutathione molecule through your stomach wall and into every cell of your body. This is a groundbreaking and critical element in oral Glutathione supplementation.

 what is glutathione

How Exactly Does It Help?

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant for your body and mind, period. You would not survive without it, a commonality between every ill person is depleted Glutathione levels, when there is no Glutathione there is no life.

Glutathione traps toxins and heavy metals, turning them into bile and eventually excreted in stool. The safest and most natural antioxidant, playing a key role in every aspect of our life.

  1. Expect more strength and endurance when glutathione levels are high, reducing muscle damage and even recovery time dramatically.

  1. Balance your metabolism, shift from fat production to muscle development.

  1. Control inflammation allowing for faster healing and decreased pain.

  1. Decrease cancerous cell build up.

  1. Essential for proper brain activity and health. Think more clearly, get rid of that brain fog and feel alert and awake from morning til night.

  1. Optimize the antioxidant properties of the healthy food we do eat, and decrease the damage from the unhealthy foods.

  2. High Glutathione levels will increase the effect of other supplements and give added benefit to staying active. Rewarding healthy lifestyle choices and working hard for you.

In Summation

Glutathione is a far reaching molecule that is an integral piece of our molecular puzzle. The cornerstone in our immune function and ability to recover from pain or illness. Now able to be taken in pill form with the addition of Acetyl Glutathione, the outdated and expensive injections are no longer the only way to fortify our Glutathione levels. Making it the single most important supplement for anyone to take.

More On Acetyl Glutathione Benefits

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