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We hear amazing stories from our customers nearly everyday about how much their life has changed since taking SynergiaGSH. Helping people get off debilitating prescriptions and overcome long fought diseases and ailments. Boosting their mood, improving energy levels and providing a new found zest for life and the stamina to match. 

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These stories are the reason we do what we do, changing lives and improving Total Immune Health effectively and in most cases very quickly. We asked some of our customers to allow us to share their stories with our readers in order to improve the lives of many more people. They jumped at the chance to spread the word. Already convincing family members and friends to try this groundbreaking supplement out, this is a chance to really spread the word over the web and hopefully change many more lives for the better.


We had provided a template for them to use if they so desired to easily outline the effects they were feeling. Keep in mind these are totally true testimonials from real customers that have been using SynergiaGSH, with real results.


SynergiaGSH Testimonials

Jim C. from Alberta – 2014

[highlight]Cut Diabetes Meds in Half![/highlight]

[box][expand title=”I feel an increase in my energy, better consistent glucose readings and sounder sleeps. – Click for full testimonial”]

I was diagnosed with Diabetes four years ago and prescribed a heavy load of medications by my Doctor.

Januvia once a day, 4 full strength Metformin and 4 Mylan- gliclazide. My glucose readings while taking all the medications were mostly kept between 7-9.

After just 2 weeks on 3 capsules of Synergia twice a day I have eliminated the Januvia and cut both of my other glucose reducing meds in half.

So as a 15 day user of SynergiaGSH I have felt a remarkable improvement with my health.

I feel an increase in my energy, better consistent glucose readings and sounder sleeps. Taking it seems to have triggered a desire to be healthier, and with my new energy I have integrated physical activity.

So with this in such a short period of time, I don’t think it will be long before I’m off all my meds or close to it and just continue with my new health plan of taking Synergia.[/expand][/box]

Firefighter Tom A. from Oshawa, Ontario – 2014

[highlight]Regained Quality of Life[/highlight]

[box][expand title=”Thanks so much for the improved health and quality of life I now enjoy. – Click for full testimonial”]

Since I started taking the product it has been enhanced and it’s name has changed along the way.

My lifestyle choices, play sports, being a firefighter and poor eating habits lead me to a life of annoying pain from arthritis, bad eyesight and a feeling that something just didn’t feel right. I was starting to get very concerned about my general health.

Today I am a retired fighter with 32 years service. After taking Synergia GSH for 9 years I have noticed positive health changes.

In my early 30′s I needed glasses; by the time I was 39 I required bifocals. Throughout the past 9 years I’ve been taking Synergia GSH my prescription has changed very little.

My body has been going through a detox. Shortly after I began taking Synergia GSH I noticed the detox process through changes to my skin.

Before taking Synergia GSH I had severe chocolate and sweet cravings. Within the first month of taking the product these cravings diminished substantially.

I’ve noticed improvements in my bowel movements. They had become very loose over the years. Within the first few months of taking Synergia GSH this cleared up.

My arthritis pain has become less frequent; the pain is not as severe.

My sleep has been much more restful, with trips to the washroom much less frequent throughout the night.

I’ve noticed an improvement in memory. I find that I am remembering things, and details.

I have also noticed a change that is hard to describe, but I feel a sense of calmness and well being that is refreshing.

I had my hip replaced July 2013. At my 1 month follow up appointment the surgeon mentioned how pleased he was that I was 3 months ahead of most patients.

Since then I went golfing in September, skiing in Banff in March and swam with the Manatees in April.

I can’t wait for the 1 year follow up in June to see what the specialist thinks.

I feel that Synergia GSH has prevented disease, while improving my overall health and healing for me.

I know I will face many health challenges in the future. I also know the outcome of those challenges will be managed better by my body’s ability to heal itself while I’m taking Synergia GSH.

Thanks so much for the improved health and quality of life I now enjoy. Tom A. Oshawa, Ontario[/expand][/box]

Anonymous – 2014

[highlight]Autism Treatment in Jamaica[/highlight]

[box][expand title=”He is more connected to us and the world around him. The hitting has reduced significantly. – Click for full testimonial”]

Thanks again for your generosity in making Synergia available to my son. He started taking it on January 18 approximately a month after returning from the therapy in Florida. In the first few days he was hitting things and people, a behavior he had developed the previous summer and which we were working on in therapy and at home. He was also taking a long time to go to sleep. Within a few days he started sleeping again and within a week became calmer.

Within two months we noticed more expressive language e.g. he describes what persons are doing like a reporter , greater self-awareness e.g. saying ” I feel sick “, drawing with more meaning, identifying friends by name. At this point he has slimmed down somewhat and the breast tissue has reduced a bit, although it is still there. He is more connected to us and the world around him. The hitting has reduced significantly. He has also adjusted seamlessly to a change in caregiver, which I thought would have been a problem.

C.N. Jamaica[/expand][/box]

63 Year Old Brian H. from British Colombia – June 2013

[highlight]Improved Cognition[/highlight]

[box][expand title=”I have been  able to reduce and eliminate several medications with my doctors approval and amazement! – Click for full testimonial.”] I am a  63 year old lawyer, businessman and family man.

My days are full and I am constantly under deadlines and pressure from all sides and was noticing that I was not as sharp and effective as I used to be and needed to deal with this unsettling issue that was causing some problems in my busy world.

I was concerned as I was about getting older and concerned about cognitive decline that I saw in friends and family and wanted to do something about it.

I tried various products and formulations with big promises and very disappointing outcomes

I was introduced to SynergiaGSH in February this year and proceeded to take 3 capsules twice a day bases on the product label alone  and was totally amazed on how quickly I noticed real and meaningful changes.

Here are some of these  changes that have occurred for me over the last 5 months:


Felt increase the very first day and current levels still better than I have ever enjoyed.


Best sleep in a long time.


Good changes as  pointed out to me from friends and family.


No question…. longer and better.


Big pleasant surprise and improvement.

Almost down to zero now.


Lost 15 pounds and almost eliminated sugar stuff from diet.


I have been  able to reduce and eliminate several medications with my doctors approval and amazement.

And much more..


I will always take SynergiaGSH as will other now convinced friends and family members

This is a real  cost effective product and this is a 100% true testimonial.

I feel everyone with my previous issues should try it for a month or two and reach their own conclusions

You have everything  to gain and nothing to lose by taking SynergiaGSH for a month or two.

I am always available to stand behind my total endorsement of SynergiaGSH and validate the huge benefits that I now enjoy,


British Columbia

June 2013[/expand][/box]

R.M. from Cranbrook, BC – 2013

[highlight]Immune Health and Well-Being[/highlight]

[box][expand title=”My sleep cycle has deepened. Meaning I don’t sleep as many hours but I still wake refreshed. – Click for full testimonial”] I have been taking the product for roughly 4 months now and this is what I have found.

  • My sleep cycle has deepened. Meaning I don’t sleep as many hours but I still wake refreshed.

  • Dreams are very vivid and intense.

  • I work out and my recovery seems quicker.

  • My energy level has increased and that is reflected in my ability to concentrate on work and has included a renewed sexual energy level.

  • I am not a moody individual but I seem to be in a more relaxed frame of mind.

  • My weight is slightly down even though I have never been overweight.

  • My eating habits are good with no cravings for sugar etc.


I am in my late 50’s and have never felt better.

Thank you,



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