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Eating Healthy Is Now Considered A Mental Disorder

The growing demand for healthy, nutrient rich food, free from chemicals and genetically modified organisms is now being treated as a mental disorder. What Is Orthorexia Nervosa? Orthorexia Nervosa is a term used to classify those who are concerned with eating healthy. Characterized by a desire to eat “clean” or “healthy” foods. Individuals diagnosed with […]

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Coffee Consumption Contributes to DNA Integrity

Yes it smells amazing, tastes divine and helps stimulate our senses so we can take on the day, but it’s healthy too. Drinking coffee regularly is associated with a wide variety of health benefits. The unique antioxidant profile found in coffee helps contribute to our heart health and liver function, protects against type 2 diabetes, […]

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Student Develops Tattoo Removal Cream that Costs Pennies

Alec Falkenham is a PhD student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Since the Canadian Press covered his story, it quickly went viral. No surprise, he claims he will soon be able to remove tattoo’s painlessly, with a tattoo removal cream that costs just pennies. Finally An Alternative To Laser Tattoo Removal Currently, the best […]

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Doctors Pressured To Abandon Patients Who Won’t Vaccinate

This is the unfortunate reality we live in now, the public’s polarized view regarding vaccinations has them waging war against each other. Typically we are in favor of parents having the choice to vaccinate their child or not, recognizing there are pro’s and con’s to either side of the debate. With increasing pressure from health […]

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CDC Calls Flu Vaccine Ineffective

The influenza vaccine gets a pretty bad rap, and it deserves it for the most part. However the flu vaccine for 2014-2015 was exceptionally bad, forget the harmful side effects and use of toxic compounds, it didn’t even manage to prevent the flu in most cases. 2014-2015 Flu Vaccine Deemed Ineffective by CDC Typically we […]

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How Dr Oz and The Doctors are Misleading You – Study

Experts Review Medical Advice Given by Dr Oz and The Doctors Canadian researchers recently took it upon themselves to debunk some of the outlandish medical claims made on the most popular health shows. What they found was horrific, more often than not, the advice given by health guru Dr Oz is not supported by factual […]

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What To Take Away from Grandmas Smoking Weed Video

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time Video One thing you may notice is they emphasize the fact that they are smoking legal marijuana. The ladies are also quick to point out the benefits of smoking & vaporizing marijuana. Explaining they feel less tension in their shoulders and an “I dont care” feeling, which can […]

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