The Health Risks of STATINS

Don’t Let the Drug Companies Cut Your Life Short

STATINS may be one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in America, over one fourth of adults over 45 are on these drugs. A staggering and horrifying statistic. Prescribed for patients with heart problems in particular, this drug actually increases your risk of heart disease and cripples your body in the process. Lowering healthy cholesterol levels and blocking the synthesis of CoQ10 in our livers, this drug wreaks havoc on America’s health every day.

Health Risks of STATINS

STATINS and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for a wide variety of vital functions. A critical component in the makeup of our cell membranes and a precursor to the synthesis of important hormones such as Vitamin D in our bodies.

Health Risks of STATINS include it lowering cholesterol levels to a dangerous level, manifesting in a myriad of alarming health conditions.


  • Muscle pain and weakness

  • Cognitive impairment and memory loss

  • Anemia

  • Cataracts

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Impaired Pancreatic function

  • Impaired Liver function

  • Diabetes[/box]

We believe the list is far greater than the side effects listed above due to the damage done directly at a cellular level. Affecting and damaging every bodily system and severely inhibiting our immune function.


STATINS Increases Insulin Levels

The use of STATINS is linked to the development of Diabetes. STATINS raises insulin levels, chronically increasing these levels throughout use. By raising insulin levels you are causing severe chronic inflammation and increasing your risk of developing heart disease; the very reason the drug is administered in the first place.

STATINS directly increases blood sugar by inhibiting the synthesis of healthy cholesterol in the liver. The blood glucose required for this critical function is instead re-deposited in the bloodstream, raising our blood sugar levels.

The effects of chronic inflammation, prolonged increase in insulin and blood sugar levels leads to many health conditions.


  • Increased fat accumulation in the mid section

  • High blood pressure

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Thyroid malfunction

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Cancer development[/box]



One of the most alarming side effects of STATINS is the fact it depletes our Coenzyme Q10 levels. Normally naturally synthesized by our liver, depleted levels lead to severe Muscle tissue damage and DNA damage.

CoQ10 plays a key role in our cellular energy production. Side effects of low CoQ10 levels include muscle soreness, chronic fatigue, heart failure and organ damage.

Coenzyme Q10 is absolutely crucial for heart health in particular, by depleting CoQ10 levels STATINS proves to be a counter intuitive and extremely dangerous drug.


The Alternative to STATINS

If you are currently taking STATINS we cannot stress enough how important it is to supplement your CoQ10 levels, but more importantly you should be looking for an alternative to this hazardous drug.

Many natural supplements and nutrients can be added into our daily diet or supplement program to improve heart health and cellular function. Supplements like CoQ10, Acetyl Glutathione and Acetyl L-Carnitine aid our bodies in a plethora of ways. Increasing immune function, cognitive health and ridding our bodies of harmful toxins and heavy metals that accumulate over time. Taking these simple natural supplements regularly will reduce your risk of disease dramatically. Expect increased energy levels, vigor, stamina and an increase in mood as well, its amazing the difference we feel when our bodies are supplied with ample levels of essential nutrients. Improve your heart health naturally and save your life.

Natural supplements are often a great alternative to prescription drugs. Always work with your doctor to monitor your health. Go natural whenever possible and avoid the risks of nutrient depletion and prescription drug abuse associated with many pharmaceutical drugs.


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