Chelation of Heavy Metals

Chelation of heavy metals or chelation therapy is a method of the body detoxification from heavy metals that accumulated in the system overtime. Recently the effects of heavy metals have been researched due to the high number of illnesses related to the accumulation of these metals over an extended period of time. Most studies and ongoing research point out that exposure to heavy metals for a long period of time can lead to poor functioning bodily systems and manifest into various different illnesses; most commonly dementia.


Dangers in Heavy Metals

Excessive exposure to benign metals is extremely poisonous, especially after having accumulated over an extended period of time. Compared to other environmental toxins, metals cannot  be broken down and discarded through the system’s normal filtering. These metals stay solid in form and can accumulate slowly in the skeleton, brain, liver, hair, nails and kidneys. Exposure to certain metals can lead to the development of various cancers, developmental issues like autism and kidney problems. Serious conditions like early onset Alzheimer’s disease has been attributed to high levels of heavy metal accumulation. Poisoning your body and eventually resulting in death.


The Body’s Exposure to Metals

There are various types of metals in our environment and we get exposed to them on a daily basis. The three most toxic metals are lead, mercury and cadmium. Cadmium is naturally present in water, food and cigarette smoke. It can also be found in various processed materials like metal coating, plastics and fertilizers, and in other substances. Mercury, on the other hand, is absorbed by the body through the consumption of fish and mushrooms, more prominently found in silver amalgam fillings, it slowly absorbs into the body over a person’s lifetime. We recommend you ask your dentist about the alternatives such as porcelain fillings and have your silver fillings removed as soon as possible.


Amalgam, which is contained in dental materials contains mercury, along with lots of other household products like thermostats, glass thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs. High amounts of lead can be found in leaded crystal, hair dye, mini blinds and in some calcium supplements. Gasoline, on the other hand, is another major contributor of lead, as it is propelled by noxious fumes to the atmosphere, thus increasing the levels of metal in the air we breath everyday.

Aluminum is another very prominent heavy metal that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Found in nearly all anti-perspirant deoderants, we apply it directly to our underarms, where the skin is at its thinnest. This allows the aluminum to be absorbed directly into the blood stream, it is no surprise this is one of the leading contributors to developing dementia.

Getting Rid of Metals in the Body

The best way to avoid poisoning due to toxic metals is to prevent exposure to it. Then again, it is almost impossible to prevent this, as the modern world is filled with toxins. This is where chelation therapy or chelation of heavy metals comes into play. Chelation therapy is now one of the most important methods for detoxifying the body and frees it from serious levels of metal exposure. Various substances are out in the market, which are formulated to grab, trap and transform heavy metal elements in the body and eliminate them from the system through natural filtering. The most prominent and natural is glutathione, acting like fly paper and reaching each cell individually, it attracts the metal molecule, traps it, and allows it to pass through the body and be excreted with the other toxins in your body.

Chelation of heavy metals can be done through the consumption of capsules for a period of time or as prescribed. There are aggressive methods as well that can only be done under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. If you suspect that you are exposed to metals and are experiencing metal poisoning, or if you simply want to keep your body healthy and eliminate the heavy metals that have accumulated in your system, it would be best to add a glutathione supplement to your daily routine, or consult your physician for alternative measures.

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