Could Probiotics be the Cure for Seasonal Allergies?

A new review suggests that probiotics may be helpful for people with seasonal allergies or hay fever. Researchers examined past results of 23 studies and found that seasonal allergy sufferers may experience less severe symptoms and improved quality of life following the use of probiotic supplements.

Lead author Dr. Justin Turner says further research is warranted before we can call probiotics a definitive treatment option for hay fever. But with the numerous health benefits of probiotic use, it certainly couldn’t hurt to improve the good bacteria levels in your gut.

Probiotic Benefits

Our gut is commonly referred to as our “second brain”, paramount to our immune function and response to environmental and dietary changes. Healthy bacteria levels are important to maintain in order to properly digest food and regulate our immune / inflammatory response.

Probiotics are available in supplement form, as well as certain foods, such as sauerkraut, yogurt and some fermented foods.

Healthy gut bacteria has been linked to improved cognitive and cardiovascular health, as well as overall immune function. Because the typical North American diet is low in fruits and vegetables and high in processed “junk foods”, it is important to support healthy gut bacteria through supplements. A diet high in junk food actually limits the amount of good bacteria in the gut, making it important to diversify your diet and supplement accordingly.

Will This Revolutionize Hay Fever Treatment?


The short answer is no.
While probiotics may improve symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, it is unlikely to replace conventional allergy treatments.

Health conscious individuals who prefer natural treatments and holistic health will find this quite beneficial however. While most well-informed natural health enthusiasts are probably already taking a quality probiotic supplement, this may be the push others need to give them a try.

The numerous health benefits of probiotics are indisputable, this is just another drop in the bucket of reasons to take one. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or not, it is vital to support gut health.

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