Importance of Glutathione for Covid-19

Glutathione deficiency exacerbates Covid-19 symptoms and severity according to expert hypotheses after examining data.

The link between vitamin D deficiency and more severe Coronavirus symptoms and even death has been proposed and is widely discussed in the medical community. GSH levels positively correlate with active vitamin D. It simply isn’t enough to just supplement vitamin D levels if the body’s GSH levels are low.

Glutathione Deficiency Exacerbates Covid-19 Illness

“Patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 illness had lower levels of glutathione and higher ROS and ROS/GSH ratio in plasma than patients with mild disease, clearly indicating glutathione deficiency and oxidative stress signs in patients with serious disease manifestations. Notably, only the patient with severe illness and a marked glutathione decrease is still severely sick, whereas the other patients with high/moderate levels of GSH have recovered.” – Alexey Polonikov

Glutathione and Covid-19

Raising glutathione levels through oral supplementation is essential but not always easy. Using proven bioavailable forms of GSH as well as the precursors is the best way to enhance glutathione levels. By combining L-glutathione with L-cysteine you can both directly promote GSH levels while also promoting the precursors necessary for endogenous GSH production.

Finding a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus is a global priority, but we are a ways from developing and thoroughly testing an effective vaccine. So far the most effective measures are social distancing, wearing a facemask and regular hand washing. In conjunction with these measures it seems supporting GSH / Vitamin D levels is an important measure to help mitigate the severity of Covid-19 symptoms.

GSH Gold contains Setria L-glutathione, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, vitamin D as well as other GSH precursors and supporting ingredients.


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