Eating Healthy Is Now Considered A Mental Disorder

[quote]A pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” – Orthorexia Nervosa[/quote]

The growing demand for healthy, nutrient rich food, free from chemicals and genetically modified organisms is now being treated as a mental disorder.

What Is Orthorexia Nervosa?

Orthorexia Nervosa is a term used to classify those who are concerned with eating healthy. Characterized by a desire to eat “clean” or “healthy” foods. Individuals diagnosed with this condition are overly pre-occupied with the nutritional makeup of what they eat.

What does it mean if you have Orthorexia Nervosa? Put simply, it means you are mentally “unwell” for avoiding highly processed, cancer causing foods filled with toxins. Now that this is classified as a mental condition, you will be prescribed pharmaceutical medications to help treat the disorder. The very same pharmaceutical drugs known to have harmful side effects, filled with toxic compounds that deplete the body of essential nutrients.

Yes, They Think We Are That Stupid

This outlandish classification is an obvious attempt to curb the public’s growing demand for organic, GMO-free, healthy and nutritious food. Unfortunately for the medical and agricultural industries, few people are foolish enough to buy into this.

Even with a huge media push popularizing Orthorexia Nervosa, the modern food revolution will not be stopped so easily. The public demands healthy food, and is willing to pay for it. Boycotting companies like Monsanto for using GMO crops, some of the biggest companies in the world are now feeling to effects of a growing need to eat healthy.


Organic, non-GMO products and markets have been booming over the past few years. Some states are even demanding legislation in order to clearly label any food product that contains GMO’s. Any company unwilling to comply with the public’s demand for healthy, clearly labeled food is shooting itself in the foot as consumers flock towards greener pastures.

Curing Healthy Eating with Toxic Medications

Classifying eating healthy as a mental disorder and prescribing the very pharmaceuticals so many avoid like the plague is certainly not the answer. People are simply no longer willing to take toxic medications that have crippling side effects. Instead they are opting for a healthier alternative, eating well and supplementing naturally.

Yes, there are still many instances where pharmaceutical drugs are necessary, we don’t mean to demonize the industry as a whole. Our issue lyes with the medical industries approach, treating people like customers instead of patients.

The medical and agricultural industries have been waging war against proven healthy alternatives for decades. But classifying eating healthy as a “mental disorder” is simply ridiculous. It speaks volumes about their motives.

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