New Study: Vitamin D3 and IBS Treatment

[box]For those suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, it is a painful and uncomfortable experience with no known cure. IBS is characterized by symptoms like Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation and abdominal Pain / Discomfort. Irritable bowel syndrome is similar to herpes, going through remission and flare up stages. Finally a potential solution, Vitamin D3 and IBS are more closely linked than ever before.[/box]

The latest study on Vitamin D3 and IBS proves extremely positive results for those sufferers who require effective, natural treatment of IBS.

Conventional Treatment of IBS

Normally Irritable bowel syndrome is treated with pharmaceuticals that can have adverse health effects, some side effects actually worsen the symptoms of IBS. Alternative medicines and treatments have also been used, none have had effective, lasting results in relieving the symptoms of IBS.

Pharmaceuticals such as Alosetron (Lotronex) and Lubiprostone (Amitiza) are often prescribed to people suffering with IBS. Both with their own list of side effects and quite often worsening the symptoms of IBS. Making it extremely difficult for our bodies to absorb nutrients and strengthen our immune system, in turn worsening the symptoms further.

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome Naturally with Vitamin D3

A study conducted by the University of Sheffield in England in December of 2012 found high doses of Vitamin D3 administered daily is the most effective treatment for IBS to date. Findings were published in the Journal BMJ Case Reports.

One participant was a woman in her forties who had been suffering from IBS for over 20 years. She had attempted to treat the issue with many different therapies including pharmaceuticals, alternative medicines and dietary changes. None of which had any lasting benefits to prevent or treat her symptoms and flare ups. This woman was an ideal candidate for the study because of her history with the syndrome, along with her many efforts to treat it to no avail.

Vitamin D3 and IBS Study Results

When given two to four thousand IU’s of Vitamin D3 daily (a relatively small dose when most people should be taking at least that even when not dealing with any health issues) she had complete relief of symptoms and it went into remission as long as she supplemented regularly. Flare ups only occurred when the supplementation of D3 was stopped. The results were monitored for 3 years and the participant achieved total remission when supplementing daily.

70% of the participants reported that by supplementing high doses of Vitamin D3 their symptoms of IBS improved significantly. A more robust scientific study is certainly needed to prove this beyond a doubt. But the initial results are extremely promising.

These results are exciting for anyone suffering with Irritable bowel syndrome, avoiding harmful prescription drugs that can worsen symptoms and cutting through the plethora of alternative routes to treat the disease that have no lasting effects. Vitamin D3 is a totally natural and effective way to treat sufferers, alleviating symptoms and improving overall health.

The Importance of Vitamin D3 Beyond IBS

Aside from the powerful effect on treating IBS naturally, Vitamin D3 is absolutely essential for everyone to supplement everyday. Regardless of the amount of sunlight we get each day, we are still deficient in this very important “Vitamin”. Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone that is synthesized in our skin, responsible for many system functions and also a powerful antioxidant.

Ask your doctor to test the levels of D3 in your system with a simple test, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test. This is the most accurate way to monitor Vitamin D levels in the body, you want levels to be around 80 nanograms or 190 nmol/L.

Supplementing D3 is an extremely effective way to improve your health and alleviate IBS symptoms. Available over the counter, it is also a very inexpensive supplement compared to most, making it very simple to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Vitamin D3 and IBS, A Long Awaited Remedy

Vitamin D3 is a huge boon to those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome. Cutting out the confusion and harmful synthetic drugs that most doctors prescribe. This totally natural treatment for IBS benefits the overall health of the patient and for once, effectively treating the symptoms of this very widespread health condition.

With the soaring number of people who suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, it is important for everyone to supplement with Vitamin D3 on a daily basis in order to maintain a healthy body. For those suffering from IBS it is even more critical to supplement Vitamin D levels. Supporting the crippled immune function that is caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome and begining the healing process.

If you suffer from IBS it is certainly worth exploring this natural treatment. Work with your doctor and monitor your results. Vitamin D3 could just be the saving grace that has been long awaited by so many IBS sufferers.

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5 thoughts on “New Study: Vitamin D3 and IBS Treatment”

  1. sick of ibs

    I just bought Calceos, it only contains 400 iu. What the hell ”IU” is? I’m sick of spending so much money on drugs… I got home now and I found out about this… Is 400 iu enough? God, this is so complicated. I read D3 (with NO MAGNESIUM as it makes gas worse) is good. I have bought Calcium with magnesium before. Today I went to the pharmacy and bought this calcium with NO magnesium only to find this article about 2000 iu when the one I got it only has 400 iu. I think I’ll just give up and embrace a train.

    1. No need to head to the tracks just yet! (IU stands for International Unit, simply a form of measurement)
      I am sorry to hear you are getting fed up with all the supplement information and wasted efforts. I am very happy you took the time to comment however, because I think I can offer some relief.
      400IU of Vitamin D3 is simply not enough, especially when dealing with a health condition, you want to look at taking 4-10 thousand IU per day. Thankfully D3 is a very affordable Vitamin, look for a pure D3 supplement that offers 1000IU per pill for convenience’s sake.
      I would love for you to e-mail me directly through the contact form to discuss this further, while your trouble with magnesium doesn’t surprise me, I believe the issue is rooted in the inflammation. Which thankfully is very treatable.
      Once again thank you for taking the first step and I would love to work with you and have the train tracks become a distant memory!

      1. I have IBS. When I Vitamin D supplement (just 1000 IU) my stomach does not feel good. It worsens my IBS symptoms. I also have trouble falling asleep. Is there a vitamin D supplement that is easy on the stomach and also are there other minerals or vitamins I should consume while taking vitamin D?

        1. So sorry to hear you are having troubles supplementing Vitamin D. At 1000 IU it is very odd to experience stomach problems. What kind of supplement are you using (pill, liquid etc.) also make sure it is Vitamin D3.
          I would also suggest taking magnesium, piperine and if possible acetyl glutathione. These can help with gut related issues and when taken in the correct doses, shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions. Work closely with your doctor as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if the worsening of your IBS symptoms was due to another supplement or dietary cause. I have worked with people taking up to 10x that dosage with absolutely no side effects, but we are all different, which makes your doctors advice and knowledge invaluable.
          Thanks for the question and I hope this helps.

          1. Appreciate your quick response. I have been deficient in Vitamin D on and off for the last 5 years, around the same time I started having IBS. I struggle to have a normal bowel activity. I always felt that my IBS may be related to vitamin D deficiency and your article confirmed my suspicion. But with IBS I have trouble with multivitamins (centrum), vitamin D. I even tried taking magnesium. But all of that worsens my IBS. Last couple of months I kept my IBS under control by taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. Last week, I started vitamin D3 cause I was deficient. And my IBS symptoms flared up. I take Vitamin D3 in pill form. I have also tried in gel form. I have trouble with that as well. And the worse thing it is hard for me to fall asleep on days I take Vitamin D3. I will try taking piperine and acetyl gutathione. Thank you

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