Autism Talk with Temple Grandin

[box]Autism Spectrum Disorder has launched itself into the spotlight recently. With an increasing number of children being diagnosed with the disorder, it has gone from a relatively rare occurrence to affecting 1 in 50 children born today.[/box]

Temple Grandin Raising Autism Awareness

Temple Grandin talks about her struggles and triumphs dealing with Autism on CNN’s Red Chair interview. Emphasizing the importance of early intervention and helping raise awareness for Autism.

Understanding and spreading awareness for Autism will help prevent horrible experiences for those with this disorder. Temple briefly goes into how horrific her time was in high school, constantly tormented and bullied for having a disorder that none of her peers understood.

By spreading awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder you can help remove the stigma of this disorder and hopefully prevent others from bullying these children today. As was mentioned before, 2% of children are now born with this disorder.

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

There are a few key antioxidants that have been studied extensively regarding their effects and benefits on patients with Autism. Some remarkable findings have proven that you can significantly improve the condition and behavioral symptoms of someone with Autism simply by enhancing the levels of these antioxidants.

Glutathione and Autism

Supplementing Glutathione levels with Acetyl Glutathione and N Acetylcysteine is one of the most beneficial things anyone could do to improve overall health and well-being. The same is true for those with Autism.
Supplementing with NAC and Acetyl Glutathione benefits the cognitive health and function of patient. This has shown to improve behavioral symptoms dramatically in children with ASD.

What is more, Autism affects the immune function, impairing it and leaving the patient extremely vulnerable to infection, illness and disease. This also depletes energy levels and prevents the brain from clearing out harmful toxins that can further worsen the symptoms of Autism.

Acetyl Glutathione helps fortify the immune system and clear out harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body. This has a profound benefit for those suffering from Autism. It not only helps prevent disease and illness in ASD patients who are exceedingly vulnerable, but by improving the condition of the brains health it helps minimize the symptoms of Autism while improving cognitive function and learning ability.

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MTHFR and Autism

Glutathione Benefits

Glutathione and Autism

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