The Fluoride Cleanse

Found in virtually all water supplies in North America, fluoride consumption is unavoidable. It has been linked to a myriad of health problems, including impaired fertility and cognitive issues, yet it is still added to our water, food and personal hygiene products.

Fluoride, Fluoride Everywhere!

It isn’t just in your tap water, fluoride can be found in many prescription drugs, produce like lettuce, bread, infant formula, wine and beer produced with municipal water, toothpaste and Teflon coated pans. It can even be absorbed through the skin while in a pool or hot tub.


It is extremely important to limit your exposure to this toxin, but sadly in today’s world it is almost impossible to avoid completely. Thankfully there is an effective way to detoxify your body from fluoride.

The Fluoride Detox

Unlike heavy metals, fluoride is a halide, in the same family as bromine and chlorine. Members of this family bind to our iodine receptors and displace iodine, severely disrupting our hormonal balance. [1]

Because we cannot chelate fluoride like other heavy metals, many antioxidants are rendered ineffective in cleansing the system of fluoride contamination. Iodine consumption is thought to be the only truly effective method to rid the body of fluoride.

By supplementing iodine levels in the body you can displace the fluoride from cell receptors and flush it from the body. The body cannot produce its own iodine, making it crucial to supplement through diet or oral supplements.

An estimated 75% of Americans are iodine deficient. Due to the fact that the typical American diet is extremely low in foods that contain iodine.

Foods That Contain Iodine

The single best dietary source of iodine is through seaweed. This includes nori, kelp, wakame, arame and dulse.

Other foods that contain iodine include salmon, scallops, shrimp, lobster, yogurt, potatoes and navy beans. These foods contain far less iodine than seaweed however.

In order to naturally get an adequate amount of iodine in your diet, you would need to consume a small amount of seaweed on a regular basis. Many people either don’t like the taste of seaweed or don’t know how to incorporate it into their diet. This makes iodine supplements the best option for many people. Iodine supplements are widely available and quite cheap, making them an easy way to regularly supplement levels and consistently detox the body from fluoride.

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