Strategies to Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

To put the Autism epidemic into perspective, 30 years ago the ASD rates were about 1 in every 10,000 children born were on the spectrum. Today these rates are astronomically higher, with 1 in 50 children born today having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

[box]Many experts believe the incidence might be as high as 1 in 10 when you consider the full range of neurological disorder that fall under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorder.[/box]

Important Steps To Help Autistic Children Flourish

There are a variety of options for parents looking for natural treatment options for their child with Autism. These treatments can aid in the overall health, well-being and behavioral outbursts of a child with ASD. Regardless of the treatment options pursued, these should be considered as a supplemental treatment plan. They are safe, effective and have yielded profound results for many children on the spectrum. The treatments below are not only beneficial for the health and well-being of a child with Autism, but are also very beneficial for anyone, on the spectrum or not.

Optimize Vitamin D Levels

This is extremely important for pregnant mother’s as well as children. Increasing Vitamin D levels in the body through exposure to the sun or through Vitamin D3 supplements is profoundly beneficial for everyone. It is critically important for pregnant mothers to maintain Vitamin D levels above 50 ng/ml throughout the entirety of the pregnancy.

Optimizing Vitamin D levels is one of the easiest and most beneficial treatment options to pursue. A vitally important plan for pregnant mothers, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as everyone else regardless of their health.

Lower Toxic Exposure

We are bombarded by environmental toxins each and every day, and many of them are impossible to avoid completely. Identifying these toxins and avoiding the ones you can is important to optimize your health and minimize potential neurological damage. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are particularly vulnerable to these toxins due to an impaired methylation cycle and immune function.

Avoid toxins like pesticides, herbicides, foods containing GMO’s, heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, fluoride, mold and dust. Establishing a clean, toxin free environment is beneficial for the whole family. Incorporate a comprehensive detoxification program as well, supplement your diet with powerful antioxidants like Glutathione, Selenium and a spectrum of Vitamins.

Limit EMF Exposure

EMF’s or Electromagnetic Fields can be very harmful to our health. We are exposed to EMF’s through cell phones, electrical wiring, Wi-Fi signals and power stations. When the body is exposed to these EMF’s toxic microbes in the body react, producing biotoxins rapidly in an attempt to prolong their survival.

Limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields is extremely important to prevent the cascade of biotoxins in the body. Worsening exponentially as exposure continues. Some EMF’s are unavoidable, but many measures can be taken to reduce exposure from many sources. Avoid having your cell phone directly against your body if possible, also keep it out of the bedroom while you sleep. Another thing to keep in mind when buying a house, is it’s proximity to a power station.

Eliminate Processed Foods, Sugars and Grains

A no brainer for anyone. Sugar is toxic to the body, causing immense harm to our well-being and health. Sugars found in processed foods, juice, soda, simple carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrups, agave nectar and even honey are detrimental to our health. It is also important to avoid artificial sweeteners, as they have enormous health risks all their own.

Natural sugars found in whole fruits, nuts and many other foods that are considered healthy are not a problem. When consumed in moderation and accompanied by the dietary fiber naturally found in whole fruits and nuts, sugar is not a problem. It is the added sugars and processed sugars that are the real problem. Juice for example may be totally natural, but when it is not accompanied by the flesh of the fruit it was extracted from, it is a direct injection of sugar that is not processed properly by the body. Avoid it altogether whenever possible.

Address and Reduce Emotional Stress

Stress is a powerful emotion, it causes a plethora of health problems when left unchecked. Acting as a catalyst for free radical formation, oxidative damage and neurological dysfunction.

It is important to address these emotional stresses as quickly as possible, as to not let them fester and worsen. There are a variety of psychological tools to deal with stress, employ them into yours and your child’s life in order to prevent the immense damage that stress causes to the body, brain and immune system.

Be Cautious with Vaccinations

While the vaccination debate is a heated issue to say the least, it is important to understand it completely and review your options. An imbalance in gut flora leaves your child vulnerable to the numerous potential vaccine complications. If you decide to vaccinate your child, first ensure they have healthy gut flora as to avoid these adverse effects of vaccines.

The Link Between Gut Flora and Autism

The gut is the heart of our immune system. A healthy gut is integral to the health of our neurological system, immune function and the well-being of every cell in the body.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride coined the term Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), proving a dynamic interaction between the gut, brain and immune system.

Dr. Campbell-McBride’s findings have shown that children born with damaged gut flora are at substantially higher risk of vaccine damage. This explains why some children may develop Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms after receiving childhood vaccinations, while other children with healthy gut flora do not.

The gut is linked closely with every bodily system, including the brain. When toxicity levels are elevated in the gut due to unhealthy gut flora, these toxins travel to the brain and clog it up. This prevents the brain from functioning normally and processing information properly. Severely hindering cognitive development and cognitive function. Overloading the brain with toxins which damage the cells and hinder their ability to function, leading to a plethora of problems aside from the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Gut flora and Autism Spectrum Disorder are closely linked, supporting healthy gut flora is vital to the development and well-being of a child’s brain. When a child is born, their gut flora is passed down from the mother. Pregnant mothers need to ensure they have healthy gut flora to pass down to their child, this sets them up for healthy development and can reduce the chances of developing Autism.

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