Lidocaine Cream for Effective Pain Relief

[box]Chronic pain can be debilitating, a very real part of many people’s lives. It interferes with every aspect of your life, making everyday tasks excruciating. This pain is caused by chronic inflammation in one’s joints and tissue’s. Arthritis, local swelling and labored breathing can all be symptoms of chronic inflammation. While addressing the root problems of the inflammation through proper supplementation, diet and medicines, the pain persists. This is where a very important compound called Lidocaine comes in.[/box]

A local anesthetic, it is used to relieve pain, burning, itching and by doing so it reduces inflammation.


Lidocaine Creams

The most popular place you will run into Lidocaine is most probably your dentists office. When getting a tooth filling or any dental work done for the most part, they use a local anesthetic, more specifically a direct injection of Lidocaine. Now we can harness that same pain relief in the form of a cream or ointment. Lidocaine cream can be extraordinarily effective when dealing with arthritis pains and even burns or wounds.


What to Look for in a Lidocaine Cream

While Lidocaine cream seems like a relatively specific product, it ranges in effectiveness due to a few different factors. The first big factor in choosing a Lidocaine Cream that will be effective for you, is the percentage of Lidocaine in the cream. Look for at least 4% Lidocaine for effective pain relief.

A great addition to a pain cream containing Lidocaine is Menthol. Aside from the pleasant aroma, Menthol will help the Lidocaine penetrate through the skin and deep into the tissue, targeting the pain at the source.

Finding a Lidocaine Pain Cream with at least 4% Lidocaine and the addition of Menthol is a great first step in relieving your pain.


Not a Temporary Fix

It may seem like rubbing a pain cream on your affected area is just a temporary fix. Which is true to a degree, however with consistent usage it can actually reduce the source of the pain directly. Relieving you from the pain for good.

Our bodies primary response to pain and injury is Inflammation. When we have constant pain in our joints or tissue it prompts the inflammation response. Chronic inflammation causes the pain to persist, which in turn causes further inflammation. It truly is a circle of pain. In order to deal with the root cause of the pain, you need to relieve the pain in the first place.

You are going beyond masking the pain topically when you use Lidocaine and Menthol. The menthol drives the Lidocaine deep into the problem area and allows your body to heal and repair as oppose to constantly respond to the pain with an inflammation response.

[box]Avoid Harmful Prescription Medications. By using pain killers or prescribed anti inflammatory medications you are causing severe harm to your health. Causing a chain reaction of harmful health effects. Dealing with the pain directly with a healthy alternative, Lidocaine is the perfect option to deal with your chronic pain. Give it a try and let us know which cream worked best for you![/box]

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