L Carnitine Benefits, The Real Deal

[box]Don’t let bodybuilders and top athletes benefit from the huge list of health benefits that Acetyl L Carnitine has to offer alone. This supplement has been popular for top performing athletes for years, but the cognitive and cardiovascular benefits mean everyone should be taking advantage of everything this supplement has to offer. Not to mention improved fat burning and the substantial increase in energy throughout your day.[/box]

What Is L Carnitine

Endogenously synthesized primarily by our liver and kidneys, it is made up of two amino acids, Lysine and Methionine. Production is also thought to be catalyzed by the addition of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) but it is not an essential component in L-Carnitine synthesis.

L-Carnitine is responsible for the transport of fatty acids through our cells mitochondria. Producing metabolic energy during the breakdown of fats within the cell, an essential and valuable process; giving a clearer answer to the question “what is L Carnitine?”.


These “Harmful” L Carnitine Side Effects Are A Sham

Recent unfounded studies regarding harmful L Carnitine side effects seemed to have captured the interest of many prolific health enthusiasts. Whether on the bandwagon and revoking their previous notions of this beneficial supplement, or active proprietors who know these studies were incomplete and simply wrong. L Carnitine benefits are indisputable, with countless studies proving the efficacy and safety of this increasingly popular supplement.

So Does L Carnitine Work?

If the question is, does L carnitine work and actually increase your health? The answer is yes, it certainly does.
Improving the condition of individuals suffering with assorted cardiovascular and neurological disorders, as well as improving cellular metabolic rate for improved energy levels. Acetyl L Carnitine benefits weight loss as well, improving your health in an enormous variety of ways.

L Carnitine works, plain and simple.

L Carnitine Benefits

The bodybuilding and weight loss world has been privy to this supplement for far longer than health enthusiasts it seems. The powerful metabolic boost that L Carnitine offers is widely understood by today’s top athletic trainers, providing significant increases in stamina, endurance, fat burning and recovery times. This allows the worlds best athletes to train far longer and far more effectively than ever before, while causing less stress to their bodies and hastening recovery times for quicker turn around. Truly a remarkable supplement that has only permeated the radar of the very top athletic performers.

L-Carnitine goes far beyond the gym though, the health benefits of this supplement are what really shine, making it a clear choice for anyone interested in achieving their maximum potential both physically and health wise.

What Does L Carnitine Do For Your Health?

Athletic performance aside, L Carnitine is host to numerous remarkable health benefits specifically targeting cardiovascular and cognitive health, universally aiding cellular health.

The Heart Health Benefits of L Carnitine have solidified it as a top supplement recommended when a patient is recovering from heart surgery or if suffering from a heart condition. Improving protein synthesis and preventing mitochondrial defects, Acetyl L Carnitine benefits heart rhythm issues and ensures the cardiovascular system is performing properly and the cells are healthy.

The Cognitive Health Benefits of L Carnitine lie in its ability to prolong cell life and protect against cell apoptosis. Ensuring your brain cells are healthy within the mitochondria and even your DNA, protecting from a cascade of damage potentially caused by harmful DNA prompting cell apoptosis. Cellular degeneration within the brain is extremely harmful and is the preface to numerous life threatening cognitive disorders.

Able to cross the blood brain barrier and provide cells with unique proliferation benefits, it is also a great antioxidant. Acetyl L Carnitine is one of the best supplements to be taking in order to see the most notable and measurable benefits. Increasing energy and endurance, heart health and cognitive health. Only with the addition of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, the reasons to start taking these supplements start to pile high.

[box]Recently the effects of Acetyl L Carnitine and depression have been catching the eye of certain researchers. The University of Piemonte Orientale in Italy has begun looking at the effects on mice and has found Acetyl L Carnitine to be a potential replacement for conventional antidepressants.[/box]


L Carnitine and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

The combined effects of Acetyl L Carnitine and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid are both very beneficial and effective supplements on their own, but when taken together the synergistic benefits can dramatically improve your health.

A recent study found that with this combination of top cognitive supplements, you can dramatically improve your condition when suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Synergistically maintaining the nerve cells energy production as well as reducing free radicals within these same nerve cells. This provides the mitochondria the ability to regenerate and begin to function properly once again. When pre-treated with Acetyl L Carnitine and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for one month before having a Parkinson’s inducing poison called Rotenone administered, the animals who were taking the ALC and R-ALA formula showed substantial improvements in mitochondrial health, free radical reduction and general prevention of the diseases development.

Further Acetyl L Carnitine & R Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits

When To Take L Carnitine

Don’t let all these fancy studies and powerful benefits turn you away from this key nutritional supplement. If you are healthy, young and are considered to live a healthy lifestyle, you can still benefit from L Carnitine.

Take L Carnitine to improve your physical performance, whether it is to reach that new level at the gym, or you want to continue to play outside with your grandchildren without slowing down. Prevent harmful fat build up because you will be metabolizing your fat stores and intake effectively, giving you the energy to do the things you love. Prevent lethargy and get a significant natural energy boost that lasts indefinitely.
Our cells do not last as long as we do, so in order to maintain a healthy body our cells are replaced regularly as others die off. This process is essential, but it doesn’t always go so smoothly. Sometimes a cells DNA structure is off and it will be duplicated again and again, the beginning to big problems. By maintaining your cells health and ability to replicate effectively, you are preventing disease and making it much harder for anything to get a foothold in your body. You may be healthy today, even tomorrow, but preventing disease decades in advance is the most effective way to ensure you maximize longevity and most importantly quality of life.

Advantages of the Acetyl L Carnitine Benefits

The effects of Acetyl L Carnitine match those of L Carnitine, and far surpass them when supplementing orally. With improved bioavailability and cellular absorption, Acetyl L Carnitine benefits are compounded, amplifying cognitive benefits, cardiovascular benefits as well as cellular metabolic rate benefits.

When you are looking for a supplement and want to get the absolute most out of it, make sure you are buying Acetyl L Carnitine. Whether it is in a specially compounded formula or you are taking it independently, the benefits of Carnitine can radically improve your life.

Acetyl L Carnitine and Weight Loss

Acetyl L Carnitine benefits weight loss through the ability to metabolize fats and convert them into energy. When you have an adequate store of L Carnitine, your body can harness the energy from your fat stores and provide a significant increase in stamina and longevity while efficiently burning off fat.

Also able to break down and burn the brown fats and saturated fats, it minimizes the fat storage in your body while providing increased cellular energy. This makes any physical activity or work out efforts much more effective. Preventing your muscles from burning out right away or if you are familiar with the terminology, it prevents you from hitting “the wall”. Also boosting recovery time substantially while increasing endurance and fat burning, truly a remarkable addition to any weight loss program regardless of your activity level or diet.


A Typical L Carnitine Dose

Dosing for L Carnitine is very dependent on the issue being treated, so we suggest consulting your doctor for a dose that will fit your needs best.

When using Acetyl L Carnitine daily as a general well-being enhancer and disease preventative, doses can be anywhere from 100mg to 1000mg.

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A Few Acetyl L Carnitine Benefits Studies

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protects against cell apoptosis, fighting the aging process PMID:20550520

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ALC An Alternative To Antidepressants PMID:23670591

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