9 of the Best Weight Loss Foods

[box]It may seem counter intuitive to fight fat and significantly improve weight loss efforts by eating more. Fortunately by eating the right few foods in combination with your regular diet you can increase weight loss with food, passively burning calories and suppressing your hunger. A healthy diet and daily activity is always recommended, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. These diet tips will simply put your weight loss efforts into overdrive, effortlessly, simply by incorporating the best weight loss foods into your diet.[/box]

The Weight Loss Food Facts

The general principle behind weight loss is normally eat fewer calories and burn more. Yes this is true, but certain foods can really give you the advantage.
Unique nutrients that hold the power to passively burn fat and others that can curb your appetite, helping you feel full for hours. The best weight loss foods hold amazing power that can boost your metabolism and have been proven effective time and time again.

The Best Weight Loss Foods


Green Tea

Certain antioxidants found in green tea can prompt a thermogenic response by your body. The antioxidants (catechins or polyphenols) set off a fat fighting chain of events, burning fat stores as heat and suppressing appetite naturally. This weight loss food may not be a food at all, but when added to your diet it can help tip the scale in your favor.

Drink between 3 and 5 cups per day to significantly improve weight loss passively through thermogenesis. Not to mention the countless health benefits you will receive through green tea’s legendary antioxidants. Pour a cup and shed that spare chub.


best weight loss foodThese nuts may catch you off guard, with high caloric content and packed with fat; it doesn’t seem like the best weight loss food. Well it made the list, so lets go into why it made it and how they can save your life.

Numerous studies have been done on these super nuts, many looking into the weight loss properties. It seems a few things are to blame for almonds weight loss effects, first and foremost they are densely packed with nutrients, fiber, protein and fats. High protein content helps keep you full for longer, along with high fiber content, it is no surprise that people who snack on almonds twice a week are 30% less likely to gain weight.

Nutrient deficiency is a very common reason for overeating. If you are eating an unhealthy diet which doesn’t contain the essential nutrients you require, your body will send a message to your brain, saying it is not satisfied yet. Until your body receives all the nutrients it requires, you will not be truly satisfied. By adding almonds to your snacking routine you can help fortify these nutrients and quell that relentless hunger.


Monounsaturated Oleic Acid. This is the long boring reason that Avocados are in the weight loss foods list, did I mention extremely effective? Studies show that these Monounsaturated fats are used up by your body, providing a long lasting slow burning energy. Satisfying your craving for fatty food, suppressing hunger for much longer through the use of Monounsaturated fats and controlling your glycemic response.

Avocados are a fantastic addition to a salad, aside from being tasty and adding a unique luxurious texture, avocados are a great source of Omega-3 fats. When you add these healthy fats to your nutrient rich meal, you are increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients significantly. Many nutrients are fat soluble, meaning without the presence of fat, you will simply flush the nutrients out of your system in the form of waste. Benefit from the full yield of nutrients on your plate, couple your leafy greens with a health wise avocado and improve your health while slimming your waistline.


If you are looking to lose some weight or to add more protein to your diet, beans may be the answer. Packed with protein and void of unhealthy fats, beans make a great alternative to meat when you are looking to increase protein while avoiding unhealthy calories. Beans will provide your body with long lasting energy that leave you feeling satisfied with dietary fiber and loads of nutrients.

Add some black beans to your breakfast omelette to start your day off with loads of clean, body fat fighting energy. Crank down those avoidable cravings and supercharge your weight loss routine.


The juicy benefits this fruit yields will give you a weight loss advantage that makes success a near certainty. Grapefruits are host to powerful enzymes that will dissolve fat, and halt fat storage in its tracks.

A study done on weight loss showed that by simply adding 8 ounces of fresh grapefruit juice to your diet everyday, after 12 weeks you can lose around 3.5 pounds alone!

By adding a half grapefruit to your breakfast you can curb your hunger, improve insulin resistance (which means less fat stored) and metabolize fat much more readily.

This vibrant fruit will help you look and feel your best, one of the easiest and most effective foods for weight loss.

Hot Peppers

Capsaicin is a rather amazing compound found in hot peppers, targeting fat loss on multiple levels. Much like green tea, Capsaicin weight-loss-foodwill prompt a thermogenesis response in the body. Burning off excess fat stores in the form of heat. This passive weight loss benefit is quite appealing to couch potato’s, you simply burn more calories when resting, sleeping, sitting or when you are active.

The Capsaicin in hot peppers also affects our hormones, suppressing the triggers for hunger by up to half. This means you will eat much less and be just as satisfied, preventing overeating.

Improved nutrient absorption mimics the benefits of the fats in Avocados, providing your body with the nutrients it requires and satiating your cravings effectively.

If you want to take it to the extreme, simply make all your food too spicy to eat much of in the first place! This can radically reduce portion size, try eating a full plate of anything covered in hot sauce. Joking aside, a few hot peppers added into your diet can boost your weight loss efforts greatly, giving them a strong foothold in our list of the best weight loss foods.


These could very well fit into the Beans section above, they both have very similar characteristics that can help you lose weight in no time. High protein content, very high in fiber and nutrients with no fat storing glycemic spikes.

If you are wondering how to incorporate Lentils into your weight loss diet, there are countless recipes incorporating this superfood. Add them into your soups, bean salads or as a vessel for your favorite pasta sauces. By replacing conventional pasta noodles with lentils you are avoiding harmful blood sugar spikes, unnecessary carbohydrates and the general lack of nutrients found in white pasta.

Convenient, inexpensive and extremely versatile, lentils will make a fantastic addition to your weight loss food list.

Steel Cut Oats

Adding oats to your diet (steel cut or otherwise) is a great idea for a morning meal or afternoon snack. Leaving you feeling full and energized for hours, however we suggest steel cut oats simply because they are the least processed oats available. Rolled oats and quick oats certainly have similar qualities, however their effect on your glycemic index is nowhere near that of steel cut oats. So stick to steel cut or stone ground oats in order to maximize the overall benefits.

Oats are densely packed with nutrients, fiber and despite what you may have thought before, this grain does not cause a glycemic spike. By enjoying a bowl of oats every morning, you are setting yourself up with quality food energy, minimal sugar and fat contents and studies show that you will feel full for longer compared to other popular breakfast foods.

Steel cut oats are loosely chopped whole grain groats that have not been processed. Making them the best option in the oat family, and a great option for a bowl of comfort food while keeping your weight in check.


Here we go with the beverage again, this is a list of the best weight loss foods, but we assumed that you wouldn’t complain if we put wine in here.

While the weight loss benefits may be minimal, wine contains resveratrol which has been proven to boost metabolism and promote weight loss. A couple of issues I would like to bring up before you start cracking bottle after bottle to lose weight. Firstly the amount of resveratrol found in wine is quite small, harnessing its benefit is quite tricky. Thankfully there are resveratrol supplements available which can allow you to benefit from its health and weight loss powers without having to drink 50 bottles of wine a day.

The next issue for wine-o’s is the enormous amount of sugar in wine (red and white both). With high sugar contents comes a myriad of health and weight concerns, namely high caloric intake and blood sugar spikes which promote fat storage.

When looking to fight your fat with wine, try sticking to a glass a day or take a resveratrol supplement. Most of all you have a pretty great excuse to enjoy a glass with dinner or lunch… or even breakfast!

top foods for weight loss

Food and Weight Loss, Now You Know

Now you are armed with a list of powerful weight loss foods that can help you reach your target weight and stay healthy. Weight loss doesn’t mean depriving yourself of food or constantly exercising, it is a balanced healthy lifestyle and the right food choices that make the biggest impact.

For a lasting effective weight loss routine, incorporate the above foods into your diet as often as you can. Avoid calling it a diet, diet seems to bring about thoughts of deprivation and awful tasting foods. Lets call its a shift, a shift in your eating habits that will be just as tasty, if not more-so than your regular fat boosting foods.
There is no need to feel hungry or unsatisfied when you are planning to lose weight, this often means that the “diet” is ineffective and your body isn’t receiving what it needs to operate as it should. Feel full, lose weight and reach your goals in no time!

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