How To Treat Depression With Nutrition

[box]Depression affects an estimated 10% of North Americans at any given time, with about 80% going untreated. Millions of people are suffering with this debilitating mental illness, feeling helpless and unaware of how to break the cycle. It may seem too easy, but a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and moderate exercise can treat and prevent depression far better than any pharmaceutical. So lets address the question, how to treat depression with nutrition.[/box]

Omega 3’s For Depression

One of the most important and powerful things you can do to treat depression is to improve brain health, balancing the brain chemistry can quite literally change your perspective on the world.

Studies have proven that individuals with lower Omega 3 levels are far more likely to suffer from depression and other psychological disorders.

Many population studies have been done regarding depression and the amount of fish eaten in a specific region. Areas that had increased fish consumption in their daily diet had significant reductions in the number of people suffering with depression or other mental disorders.

Clinical studies have also been done on the effects of Omega-3 fats and depression. One in particular conducted by the Italian University of Pavia published in 2011 had extremely positive findings. A sample group of women aged 66 and older were given a supplement with EPA and DHA (any quality fish oil supplement should contain both). After two months researchers analyzed the placebo group and the EPA DHA supplement group for signs of mental illness, depression and general mental & physical illness. The group supplementing EPA DHA Omega oils showed a significant improvement to two months prior while the placebo group was found to have no such improvement.

Many studies have been conducted proving the benefits of a quality Omega 3 supplement and nearly any cognitive disorder, no surprise when you understand just how essential these fats are for our cellular health and function. Supplementing with a quality Omega-3 everyday is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do to dramatically improve general health and cognitive function.
Treat depression with Omega-3 or sustain a healthy, functioning brain for the entire length of your life, preventing cognitive degradation as we age.

Vitamin D3 For Depression

The relationship between Vitamin D3 and depression is a clear sign that by supplementing levels of D3 you can help treat the damage caused by depression and prevent it entirely. Vitamin D deficiency is linked directly to depression, whether it worsens the symptoms, or is the cause itself is still to be fully understood. One thing is clear though, fortifying your Vitamin D3 levels is one of the best courses of action to improve your health and the symptoms of depression or other mental illness’.

Receptors in the brain responsible for emotion and behavior require sufficient levels of Vitamin D in order to function properly. Vitamin D3 deficiency can alter the brain’s chemistry in way, when these receptors are not functioning properly you are more prone to depression and stress.

By avoiding prescription antidepressants and opting for natural depression treatment through Vitamin D3, you are receiving full benefit without the harmful side effects of many pharmaceutical antidepressants. Vitamin D3 improves serotonin levels and response, working on the same principle as any of the antidepressants that are used. Giving you a natural and proven effective treatment for depression, not to mention the countless health benefits of Vitamin D3 supplementation.

If there were two supplements that everyone should be taking daily, over all else (yes even Acetyl Glutathione or N-Acetyl Cysteine) they are Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D3. The simple answer to how to treat depression with nutrition, two powerful supplements you should already be taking daily.


Vitamin B For Depression

Vitamins B12, B6 and B9 are required for the production of key brain chemicals that are responsible for our emotional response. An imbalance in this brain chemistry causes a skewed emotional and stress response, leaving us far more vulnerable to falling into a depression or developing another cognitive disorder.

A look at a Chinese population whose diet is rich in folate and other B Vitamins shows that depression rates are much lower than North America. Furthermore those who did suffer from depression recovered far quicker, shortening the average lifespan of depression in patients substantially.

Acquiring an adequate amount of B6, B9 and B12 through diet alone may be unrealistic for you, this can be remedied through a simple and affordable B Vitamin complex. Ensure any “one a day” or total immune health supplement you take contains ample amounts of each B Vitamin. This will not only ward off depression, it will improve cognitive health as a whole. Recent studies have shown that Vitamin B truly stands for the Brain Vitamin.

Vitamin B for Brain Health


How To Treat Depression With Nutrition and Exercise

This doesn’t fall into the category of nutrition, but it is so beneficial for treating and preventing depression it must be addressed. Regular bouts of light or moderate exercise is proven to dramatically increase mood and symptoms of depression.

Anyone who leads an active lifestyle or frequents the gym knows the power of a good workout, how it can improve your mood and leave you feeling refreshed and focused. This is no surprise when you understand just what is happening to the brain when you get that heart pumping. Prompting a serotonin and dopamine response that is responsible for an overwhelming good feeling and general satisfaction. The same response you would expect from certain illicit drugs or antidepressants, only natural and healthy. This chemical response in the brain leads to a sort of addiction to exercise, after you are used to a moderate amount of exercise you will find yourself craving it. Feeling unsatisfied or tired when you miss a workout, a type of withdrawal from the dopamine response of exercise.

Get outside and get active daily, this is one of the best ways to improve your mood and overall health. Mind and body are closely linked, strengthen both to achieve optimal health and quality of life.

Avoid Excess Sugar and Grain Consumption

Consuming sugar and grains regularly can contribute to depression and cognitive disorders of all sorts. By avoiding excess sugar and grain in your diet we can supercharge your immune function and cellular health in order to balance brain chemistry and avoid depression entirely.

Quell that sweet tooth and improve your mood while preventing disease.

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