Chronic Pain Relief with Lidocaine Cream

[box]Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or an acute burn or infection, Lidocaine Cream can be your very best friend. Most commonly used by your dentist or doctor as a local anesthetic, it is often injected directly into the tissue of the target area. Also available in a patch, spray and cream in varying concentrations. For effective pain relief when using Lidocaine Cream you want to look for 5% lidocaine, this will provide optimal numbing and healing benefits.[/box]


Why Lidocaine Cream Is So Effective

Sufferers of chronic pain would often do anything it takes in order to relieve the pain, this leads to pain medication abuse and prolonged usage of over the counter medications that can cause serious harm. Chronic pain is a vicious circle of inflammation and pain. Affected area’s trigger a pain response which prompts your body to inflame the surrounding tissue, a perfectly normal healing response. However when the problem is not addressed it leads to chronic inflammation and chronic pain, such is the case with severe arthritis.

Lidocaine is such an effective pain reliever because of how it addresses the problem on a microscopic level. Normally our nerve cells emit signals that tell our brain there is a problem and to react with pain. Lidocaine cream will stop the nerve cell from emitting the signal all together, instead of masking the pain, it stops it before it has a chance to begin. With no signal from the nerve cell, your brain assumes everything is business as usual and no inflammatory response ensues.

[box]For added pain relief and deeper penetration, look for a lidocaine pain cream that contains menthol.[/box]

When To Use Lidocaine Cream

Pain may be a natural response that signals our bodies healing response, but when dealing with chronic issues it is absolutely critical to stop the pain and inflammatory response in order to begin the healing process. People suffering from any chronic pain should consider the use of a lidocaine cream.

[box]This is not to say that acute pain cannot be treated with lidocaine, it is exceptionally useful for scratches, burns, bug bites, itching, sunburn, muscle aches, sprained ankles, sore throat and even headaches. [/box]

Virtually any injury can be treated with a lidocaine cream in order to relieve the pain and begin the healing process immediately.

Creams often require multiple treatments, relief will be almost instant but long term healing when dealing with chronic pain requires multiple doses. Rubbing the affected area and massaging the cream directly into the skin, allowing the cream to be absorbed and administering another dose an hour or two afterwards. Continuing like this until the source of the pain is cured.

Potential Lidocaine Cream Side Effects

Lidocaine cream can cause mild skin reactions for those with an allergy. Serious side effects are extremely rare, often the worst symptoms are a painful rash or bumps on the affected area. Lidocaine injections have the potential for more serious side effects in those with a sensitivity to it.

Avoid prolonged usage of lidocaine creams, especially in the mouth and throat. Prolonged exposure to lidocaine leaves you more vulnerable to the side effects if you have a lidocaine sensitivity. Lidocaine side effects from constant usage can include more serious symptoms like dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and in the most severe cases it can lead to seizures.


[box]Side effects from this effective topical pain relief cream are extremely rare. If you notice you are reacting to using a lidocaine cream stop use immediately and consult with your doctor.[/box]


Live Life Again!

So stop letting your chronic pain keep you on the sidelines of your own life. Feel young and pain free again, do the things you love to do without the worry of severe pain that has kept you from your favorite activities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop thinking about your pain? Clear your mind and get a new vigor for life, reduce stress and improve your mood! Its amazing just how debilitating chronic pain can be, but only if you allow it to control your life, no matter what the pain, it is treatable.

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4 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Relief with Lidocaine Cream”

  1. Designer_Dude

    Lidocaine cream, just like every other I’ve tried, does absolutely nothing for my pain. Just have a look through the drug forums and you’ll see that lidocaine cream is useless for most people. Not sure why this article is making it seem like some miracle elixir.

    1. Lidocaine blocks voltage gated sodium channels in the neuronal cell membrane responsible for signal propagation. It can be effective for neuropathic pain from damaged nerves. Neuropathic pain differs from pain messages carried along healthy nerves from damaged tissue (such as in an arthritic joint). Lidocaine cream crosses the skin poorly and is unlikely to be effective for anything but minor arthritic pain. It is most often used as a topical anesthetic. The oral analog of lidocaine is mexiletine, which is used to treat chronic neuropathic pain.

  2. Licodine. Does nothing for my pain I am a cashier I use my index finger and my finger is in pain I use aspercreme with lidocain and absorbine Jr plus it does not help HELP

  3. “Pain may be a natural response that signals our bodies healing response…”

    “BODY’S” would be possessive.

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