The 30 Best Natural Pain Remedies

When faced with pain there are a number of ways to go about dealing with it. We support the more natural approach to pain relief as opposed to prescription medications with harmful side-effects that cripple our immune system. No matter the pain, there is a natural way to deal with it, and it is often far more effective than conventional medication.

We compiled a list of the 30 best natural pain remedies to deal with the most common types of pain affecting people today. There are hundreds of other natural pain remedies to target any number of different afflictions, we encourage you to look for the natural alternative for relieving your pain.

30 Best Natural Pain Remedies

30 best Natural-pain-remedies-woman-beach

30. Capsaicin Cream for Nerve Pain

[box]To relieve nerve pain directly where it hurts it may seem counter intuitive to rub hot pepper extract on the affected area, however you may want to think again. Using a capsaicin cream can help relieve the pain brought on by Headaches, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetic Neuropathy and Shingles. Capsaicin cream will stimulate the nerves in the target area and reduce the pain transmitting chemicals that nerve endings are responsible for producing.[/box]

29. Turmeric for Joint Pain

[box]Turmeric’s active ingredient curcumin is a fantastic anti inflammatory, it helps to remove the stress put on joints due to chronically inflamed tissue. Curcumin also directly reduces pain by shutting down cyclooxygenase 2 enzymes, these enzymes are responsible for pouring pain inducing hormones into our system.[/box]

30 best-natural-pain-remedies-ginger

28. Ginger for Stomach Pain and Nausea

[box]Sudden bouts of nausea or stomach pain can occur at anytime and for almost any reason. The most effective and natural remedy to treat nausea is ginger. Add some to your tea, cook with it or simply chew on a piece of ginger for almost instantaneous relief. Ginger calms the vagus nerve, which is the one responsible for that nauseous feeling.

Ginger has also been proven effective to relieve joint and muscle pain by reducing inflammation and stiffness substantially.[/box]

27. Aloe Vera for Burns, Even Heartburn

[box]Aloe Vera is a staple in most homes where sunburns are a common occurrence. This soothing gel can be bought, or the plant can be used directly by snapping off a limb and applying the gelatinous insides directly onto the affected area. Aloe Vera is also a very effective natural pain remedy for those who suffer more severe burns not caused by sun exposure. The pain relief benefit of ingesting Aloe Vera is quite in sync with this theme, because it also relieve a type of burn, heartburn. So if you are dealing with a burn of almost any description, reach for the Aloe Vera and you will be pain-free in no time.[/box]

30 best natural-pain-remedies-cinnamon26. Cinnamon Heals All

[box]Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-parasitic, Antiseptic, fantastic for treating infections both internally and externally. Arthritis pain, muscle and joint pain, prevent itching from bug bites and even put a cinnamon paste on your temples to relieve that nasty headache. Cinnamon holds many healing qualities that reduce pain all across the body, truly a miracle spice.[/box]

25. Kelp Bath Salts to Soothe Muscles

[box]Kelp contains great antioxidants properties such as Fucoidan that are effective at relieving pain, swelling and stiffness. By using bath salts containing seaweed you can alleviate tense muscle pain and allow the rich antioxidant properties of the kelp to draw out toxins to reduce inflammation and deep tissue or joint pain.[/box]

24. Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn

[box]If you are constantly battling heartburn, you might consider adding more apple cider vinegar into your diet. This healing elixir is touted for many healing capabilities, but when added into our diet it helps our digestion greatly. When our digestive health is in order and food is being processed quickly and effectively, the chronic heartburn pain often vanishes. Our stomach no longer has to process the food so slowly and cause painful digestive acids to reach the esophagus.[/box]

23. Neem Powder for Oral Inflammation & Tooth Health

[box]Neem contains antiseptic compounds that are required for optimal oral hygiene. Using it to brush your teeth and gums will prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When dealing with infections or swelling of the gums neem powder can be used as a rinse to relieve the swelling as well as sterilize the area to allow it to heal quickly and naturally.[/box]

30 best natural pain remedies cherries22. Cherries (Anthocyanins) for Headaches

[box]Cherries contain a very powerful anti inflammatory known as Anthocyanins. These Anthocyanins can help alleviate the pain of arthritis, headaches, gout and many other inflammation based discomforts. By eating a bowl of cherries a day you can get natural pain relief that far exceeds its over the counter counterparts. The anti inflammatory benefits of cherries are about ten times more powerful than those found in aspirin or ibuprofen.[/box]

21. Tea for Soothing Burns

[box]This little known fact has probably been around for hundreds of years, its such a smart and effective use for a tea bag that I feel people must have been doing this for quite some time. Whether it is razor burn, sunburn or a more serious burn, apply a used tea bag (cooled of course) to the affected area to sooth the pain and relieve the swelling. The cool tea bag will feel welcome on the burnt area and the anti-inflammatory properties of the tea itself will get to work at curing the cause of the pain immediately.[/box]

20. Tea Tree Oil for Sinuses and Skin

[box]Tea tree oil has been a popular remedy for a plethora of ailments for hundreds of years. It has very potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are remarkably effective for treating skin conditions and infections. Dealing with a nasty cough or sinus infection, place a few drops of tea tree oil in a hot bowl of water or warm bath to release the healing benefits into vapor form to target sinuses and lung bronchioles directly.

Tea tree oil is also very effective at treating athletes foot (a fungal based infection) and can even be used in lower concentrations for treating acne.[/box]

19. Peppermint to Numb the Nervous Systemnatural-pain-remedy-peppermint

[box]Used as an oil or consumed as tea, peppermint is one of the star natural pain remedies. When consumed orally it has a profound effect on our nerves, literally numbing our nervous system and alleviating chronic pain. By using peppermint oil either on the skin or used in a warm bath, it will sooth sore muscles much more effectively than any over the counter pain medications.[/box]

18. Willow Bark, Nature’s Aspirin

[box]Willow bark has been used for centuries to treat inflammation and pain. The active ingredient in willow bark is Salicin, a very potent pain reliever and anti inflammatory. Unlike the synthetic form (aspirin) naturally occurring Salicin does not have adverse effects on the stomach. Willow barks Salicin is responsible for naturally relieving pain of all types, whether it is arthritis, a headache, back pain, or any pain where you would normally reach for the aspirin bottle.[/box]

17. Marijuana / Cannabis for Chronic Pain

[box]Cannabis has a very powerful effect on our nervous systems sensitivity to pain, chronic or acute. Whether smoked or taken in pill form, cannabis has been the subject of countless studies involving its ability to relieve chronic pain. Reducing sensitivity to pain is one way it helps, but it also increases your tolerance for pain and makes it much more bearable. While cannabis may not address the pain directly, it is a natural alternative to relieving chronic pain quickly and effectively.[/box]

16. Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum)

[box]Devil’s claw has been a staple in pain relief for thousands of years in Africa, treating ailments such as Rheumatoid arthritis, varying skin conditions, pancreatic issues and even to stimulate and improve digestion. Used primarily today to treat issues involving chronic inflammation or pain, Devil’s claw or Harpagophytum (the scientific name) has greatest effects when used over a period of time rather than to treat acute bouts of pain or inflammation. You can ingest devil’s claw to naturally relieve pain through capsule form or as a tea (it is quite bitter though).[/box]

15. Magnesium for Muscle and Nerve Pain

[box]For quite some time it has been understood that magnesium is very effective at reducing muscle tension and pain. It quite simply makes muscles relax, relieving back pain, muscle soreness and stress related pain. More recently though we have uncovered magnesiums effects on reducing nerve pain as well. It does this by lowering the production of a brain chemical responsible for pain called NMDA. By slowing the stimulation of NMDA with magnesium, you are relieving your pain naturally and without toxic side effects of prescription medications.[/box]

14. Vitamin D for Bone and Muscular Pain

[box]Vitamin D is an extremely important hormone that every cell in our body has receptors for. Primarily used to increase health and strength of the muscular and skeletal systems, it has been shown that when deficient in Vitamin D you are more likely to suffer chronic pain. When dealing with chronic muscular or skeletal based pain it is important to maintain high Vitamin D levels for a couple of reasons. For one, it will address the problem directly by improving the health and maintenance of muscles and bones. The second reason pertains to individuals who are currently taking or are thinking of taking narcotic pain remedies. Individuals with low Vitamin D levels require much higher amounts of these narcotic drugs to achieve similar pain relief to someone who has healthy Vitamin D levels.[/box]

Pain relief aside, Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements to take every day. It is inexpensive and without supplementing levels you are almost certainly deficient. Reduce the risk of disease, promote healthy hormonal activity and reduce the chance of developing chronic pain.

13. Cloves for Toothaches

[box]Cloves contain a natural anesthetic known as Eugenol. This natural pain reliever can help quell the throbbing of a tooth ache in no time flat. By chewing on a clove when you have a toothache you are releasing the natural anesthetic and reducing the inflammation at the same time. A perfect go to if you can’t book that dentist appointment fast enough.[/box]

12. Garlic Oil for Earaches

[box]Earaches are a very common ailment that we often treat with prescription medicated drops or pills. By putting a couple of drops of garlic oil in your ear daily though, you can avoid the doctors office and be pain free in no time! The compounds found in garlic such as Sulfur, Selenium and Germanium are naturally toxic to the bacteria in question. Two drops twice a day for a few days should do the trick, natural effective pain relief found right at home.[/box]

11. EPA / DHA Fish Oil for IBS and Indigestion

[box]The fatty oils found in fish known as Omega oils are an amazing way to remedy the pain of digestive tract issues. Cramping, inflammation and side effects of prescription drugs can all lead to gastrointestinal issues. The anti inflammatory qualities of EPA and DHA provide one of the best natural pain remedies for chronic stomach pains.[/box]

10. Salt for Toenail Infections & Foot Pain

[box]Nearly everyone has had a nasty ingrown toenail at some point. These painful ingrown nails are hotbeds for bacterial infections, inflaming the area and causing severe pain. Mixing salt with hot water and soaking your feet for about 20 minutes a couple of times a day can help remove the infection and speed up healing. Salts natural antibacterial and sterilizing qualities are perfect for drawing out infections and neutralizing the bacteria. Relieving that painful toenail infection in no time![/box]

9. Water to Flush Away Pain

[box]Water is essential for our bodies to function, playing a key role in pain prevention as well. Histamine is a compound that causes a pain response from our bodies, this compound can build up if its not dealt with. Water dilutes the histamine in our tissue and flushes it away naturally. Preventing pain and allowing our muscles, joints and tendons to perform effortlessly, alleviating the pain caused by the rubbing or joints or muscle over time.[/box]

8. Horseradish to Clear Sinuses

[box]Sinusitis is a very common form of chronic pain for a lot of us. Causing serious discomfort in the forehead area, congestion and it actually makes us more prone to aches and pains of other kinds. To improve sinus health and prevent sinusitis naturally, consume horseradish when symptoms appear. Horseradish will increase blood flow to the sinuses and open up clogged pathways. Allowing your sinuses to drain built up mucus and decongest those infection prone area’s faster than any nasal spray on the market.[/box]

7. Blueberries for Bladder Infections

[box]Tannins found in blueberries, cranberries and other foods in varying concentrations are fantastic at preventing internal infections such as bladder infections. When consumed regularly your chances of developing a bladder infection is reduced by over 60%. Your body simply eliminates the threat before it has a chance to take hold and develop.[/box]

6. Honey for Mouth Sores

[box]It is well known that honey has antibacterial effects, what is less commonly known is how delicious treating a canker sore can be! By dabbing your canker sore or mouth sore with honey a few times a day, you are killing the harmful bacteria and rapidly increasing the healing process.[/box]

5. Flax to Prevent Estrogen Spikes

[box]Flax contains a natural compound known as Phytoestrogens which prevent common estrogen spikes in women. These estrogen spikes result in breast pain, cramping and mood changes. By adding this super seed to your daily diet you are harnessing the healthy oils, fiber and preventing hormonal imbalances that can cause serious discomfort.[/box]

4. Coffee for Migraines

[box]A strong cup of coffee might just be what it takes to alleviate the pain of that dreadful migraine. Coffee acts as a vasodilator which opens up arterial walls, preventing the tightening of these arteries in your head allows for proper blood flow and reduces the pressure which causes painful migraines.

On another note for coffee’s effects on relieving pain, researchers have shown that when taken with a over the counter pain medication, effects are greatly increased. As much as a 40% increase in the effectiveness has been found when drinking coffee with pain medication. Improved absorption of the medication and quicker access to the blood stream allows for this to be an effective addition to relieve your chronic pain.[/box]

3. Pineapple for Digestion

[box]Pain caused by gas buildup and other digestive functions can be excruciating. By incorporating pineapple into your diet you can help prevent discomfort caused by bloating or gas thanks to its amazing digestive enzymes. Most stomach pain is due to the slow breakdown of proteins in the stomach or intestine, pineapple’s proteolytic enzymes help speed up this digestion and prevent the discomfort before it starts.[/box]

2. Tomato Juice for Cramps

[box]Leg cramps can be extremely painful and about 20% of people struggle from regular leg cramps. Leg cramping is due to a potassium deficiency for any number of reasons. Drinking a tall glass of tomato juice everyday has shown to reduce the frequency and severity of leg cramps. While the effects are not instantaneous, you should expect a notable benefit within a couple of weeks.[/box]

1. Meditation to Relieve Stress Induced Pain

[box]Stress can manifest itself into aches and pains, cognitive problems or even aid in the development of diseases and cancers. It is a very real part of everyone’s life and it is helpful to deal with it as oppose to ignore it and allow it to wreak havoc on your health. Avoid stress induced headaches, backaches, stomach problems and impaired immune function by taking time out of your day to relax and put your feet up.

The word meditation puts an image in most peoples mind of a tranquil room with lots of mantras and humming filling the air. While this is one way to meditate, it can be almost anything you choose it to be. Taking a few minutes to enjoy the sunset in peace and quiet or relax with your morning cup of coffee, by simply putting that time aside for nothing else but positive and tranquil feelings you will feel the stress melt away.[/box]


Whats Your Top Natural Pain Remedy?

We hope this list can help you overcome whatever kind of pain you are suffering from, most importantly overcoming it naturally and effectively.

If you have a favorite natural pain remedy that you use in your household please comment below and share with other readers. There are hundreds of natural pain remedies and we want to know which work best for you.

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