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Doctors Pressured To Abandon Patients Who Won’t Vaccinate

This is the unfortunate reality we live in now, the public’s polarized view regarding vaccinations has them waging war against each other. Typically we are in favor of parents having the choice to vaccinate their child or not, recognizing there are pro’s and con’s to either side of the debate. With increasing pressure from health […]

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16 High Protein Snacks That Anyone Can Make

Everyone is busy these days, leaving little time to prepare and eat dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Snacks that are high in protein help keep you full and energized for hours! Avoid the pre-packaged protein bars and “protini” snacks, you deserve better. 16 High Protein Snacks 1. Greek Style Lentil Salad We all […]

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Beginners Guide to Coconut Water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water Containing a unique combination of micronutrients and B vitamins, coconut water is exceptionally beneficial for our health. Some of the most profound benefits of drinking coconut water regularly include:   Helping to prevent heart disease Lower blood pressure Increased antioxidant activity Helping to prevent neurodegenerative disorders Promotes anti-aging   Yes […]

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101 Health Benefits of Baking Soda

Health & Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda Ok, so there are only 16 health benefits of baking soda on the list, but consider this an opportunity to share your favorite uses for baking soda. There are countless uses for sodium bicarbonate, from cleaning to deodorizing, it is truly one of the most versatile and underused […]

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What are the Benefits of Bacteria?

Benefits of Healthy Bacteria Good bacteria or yeast organisms, also known as probiotics, work to help our digestive system, and are available for intake both in food and supplements. “How though, do probiotics work?” First of all, you need to understand that there are at least 500 types of bacteria found in our digestive system […]

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Ebola Virus Facts

What is the Ebola Virus? The Ebola virus is characterized by a systemic inflammatory response and immune suppression which can lead to organ failure and ultimately death. With no available vaccine or treatment, this virus is extremely dangerous and containment is currently the primary course of action. Signs and Symptoms of Ebola After contracting the virus, […]

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The Link Between Cortisol Levels and Immune Function

Cortisol and Immune Function T-cells are a vital component of cell-mediated immunity, cortisol prevents T-cells from proliferating. Cortisol can also inhibit inflammation by limiting the histamine response. While chronic inflammation is a huge detriment to our health, inflammation in regulated amounts is actually a boon to our immune function and healing response. [1,2] People suffering […]

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