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The Fluoride Cleanse

Found in virtually all water supplies in North America, fluoride consumption is unavoidable. It has been linked to a myriad of health problems, including impaired fertility and cognitive issues, yet it is still added to our water, food and personal hygiene products. Fluoride, Fluoride Everywhere! It isn’t just in your tap water, fluoride can be […]

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Are Toxins Real? Get the Facts About Detoxing

“Toxins cause cancer”, “Detoxing is important”, we have all heard about toxins and detoxing, but most of us understand very little about it. Is it just clever marketing to sell seaweed wraps, juice cleanses and supplements? Is there something more to this detoxing thing? Let’s explore the facts about toxins and detoxifying the body. What […]

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Are Baby Boomers the Unhealthiest Generation?

Baby boomers are on average, fatter, sicker and in poorer health than their predecessors. According to a study done in 2013 by JAMA Internal Medicine, baby boomers were far less likely to report excellent health. Far higher rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia were found in the baby boomer population. Worrying statistics as baby […]

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Coffee Drinkers Have Cleaner Arteries According to Study

Coffee warms the cockles of my heart in the morning, as it does millions of people across the globe. Korean researchers recently reported just how beneficial drinking coffee can be for our heart health. Preventing Coronary Heart Disease with Coffee A study involving more than 25,000 male and female participants who routinely had health checks […]

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Eating Healthy Is Now Considered A Mental Disorder

The growing demand for healthy, nutrient rich food, free from chemicals and genetically modified organisms is now being treated as a mental disorder. What Is Orthorexia Nervosa? Orthorexia Nervosa is a term used to classify those who are concerned with eating healthy. Characterized by a desire to eat “clean” or “healthy” foods. Individuals diagnosed with […]

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Brad-Pitt Glutathione

Supplement Like the Rich and Famous

Ever wonder how the worlds “elite class” manage their stress, work tirelessly day after day and maintain a vibrant, youthful glow the whole time? Well, we aren’t going to pretend that cosmetic surgery and plenty of tropical sunshine doesn’t play a role, but it’s not the secret we are talking about. We are raising the […]

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Coffee Consumption Contributes to DNA Integrity

Yes it smells amazing, tastes divine and helps stimulate our senses so we can take on the day, but it’s healthy too. Drinking coffee regularly is associated with a wide variety of health benefits. The unique antioxidant profile found in coffee helps contribute to our heart health and liver function, protects against type 2 diabetes, […]

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Healthiest Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

Known for its vibrant yellow color, turmeric is so much more than a colorful spice that is popular in Indian cuisine. Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound renowned for its many health benefits. The turmeric smoothie recipe below is a great way to harness the benefits of this miracle spice, plus its just flat out delicious! […]

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What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Cholesterol

There is a cloud of confusion when it comes to cholesterol, many people still throw away their egg yolks! Before you throw away another yolk, there are some very important facts about cholesterol you should know. Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You – By Dr. Ravnskov Important Facts About Cholesterol Sources of Cholesterol   HDL […]

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