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Binge Drinking Alcohol Impairs Immune Function

Incorporating an alcoholic drink into your diet can actually provide a host of health benefits. These benefits disappear rapidly as one drink turns into several though, even one night of binge drinking can have serious consequences. Binge drinking immediately affects the immune system and the effects can last for days. How Alcohol Affects the Immune […]

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

The bitter tasting fruit is popular in Asian cooking, used more for its medical properties than its taste. Part of the gourd family, bitter melon grows on a tropical vine and looks like a very bumpy cucumber. 7 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon It isn’t pretty, it isn’t tasty, yet this superfood has gained popularity […]

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Antioxidants Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Isn’t Age Dependent Individuals in the military have an increased risk of developing a hearing problem. The constant ring of gun-shots and roar of jet engines takes a serious toll on their hearing. Because of this occupational risk, researchers began studying the effects of noise induced hearing loss on soldiers and the potential […]

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Healing Bone Fractures with Cannabis

With all the new cannabis legislation news, the medical spotlight has been fixated on the health benefits cannabis has to offer. There are many well-known benefits of cannabis, as a sleep aid, for increased appetite and pain relief. A recently published study shows that an extract of the cannabis plant called cannabidiol (CBD) may be […]

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Naturally Protecting Yourself from the MERS Virus

The MERS Virus first appeared in the Arabian Peninsula in 2012, thought to have originated in camels before jumping to humans. While there have been very few cases of the MERS virus in the United States, it is becoming a serious problem in the middle east and most recently in South Korea [1]. What Is […]

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Understanding Glutathione and Chemotherapy

Before we discuss the relationship between Glutathione and Chemotherapy it is important to understand what exactly chemotherapy is. Understanding Chemotherapy Standard or Traditional Chemotherapy (cytotoxic) is the use of drug treatments for cancer that destroy cancerous cells by preventing them from growing and dividing. When most people think of chemotherapy, they think of the use […]

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Heart Health Supplement Guide

Inflammation and oxidative damage are leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and virtually every disease we know of. Limiting our exposure to these toxins is helpful, but it is impossible to avoid them completely, this is why it becomes so crucial to inoculate ourselves against this constant bombardment. Supporting antioxidant activity is the best way to […]

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Liver Health Supplement Guide

Environmental toxins are one of the biggest problems we face when it comes to our health and the health of our planet. Pesticides used on crops not only affect the food produced on those farms, they are present in the air we breath and they contaminate the water we drink. These factory farming methods spew […]

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8 Ways to Naturally Detoxify Your Body

Clearing toxins from the body is vital but most people don’t know where to start. Below are 8 great ways to naturally detoxify your body and promote total body health. Drink More Water Drinking water is crucial for our health, this is no secret. We have all heard the recommendation of 8 glasses a day, […]

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