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Using Chocolate to Fight Diabetes and Weight Gain

As most chocoholics already know, dark chocolate can help lower insulin resistance, reduce blood pressure and even decrease appetite. Research published in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry showed that the antioxidants found in cocoa also prevent mice from gaining excess weight. Chocolate Inhibits Weight Gain and Diabetes The components in chocolate responsible for […]

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Infused Water for Fat Loss – Recipe

Fighting Fat with Infused Water The infused water for fat loss recipe might not be that uncommon, but we want to provide you with the recipe, as well as the reasons for why it works. So next time you are at the grocery store, grab these handful of ingredients and give this fat loss tonic […]

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10 Top Foods That Make You Fat

Try to avoid these foods as a general rule of thumb and you can help lose that extra weight. Foods that make you fat are often hiding behind natural looking labels and clever words like Natural or Fat Free. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to all of the foods below, so give your weight […]

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9 of the Best Weight Loss Foods

The Weight Loss Food Facts The general principle behind weight loss is normally eat fewer calories and burn more. Yes this is true, but certain foods can really give you the advantage. Unique nutrients that hold the power to passively burn fat and others that can curb your appetite, helping you feel full for hours. […]

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CoQ10 Weight Loss Benefits

CoQ10 Weight Loss, For Lasting Results So many diets out there only provide short term results that fade quickly once we cease to follow the restrictive guidelines. If you have been trying to deal with excess weight then no doubt you have encountered one or some of these “yo-yo” diets. Shedding some weight initially, but […]

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10 top weight loss supplements

10 Top Supplements for Weight Loss

Metabolic Syndrome Also known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome it is characterized by a combination of the following signs and symptoms: High Blood Sugar Levels, Excess Body fat around the waist especially, Increased Blood Pressure and Improper Cholesterol Levels. This leads to an increased risk of developing Heart Disease, Diabetes or a Stroke.     The […]

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