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Fatal Side Effects of Statins

What Statins Do Prescribed to lower a patient’s cholesterol, primarily in individuals with a preexisting or at risk of developing a heart problem. Statins prevents the body from producing cholesterol, causing your body to reabsorb the cholesterol build up on arterial walls. This is meant to help prevent future blockages, which all sounds pretty good! […]

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Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Statins

CoQ10 and Statins go hand in hand, while almost everyone can benefit from supplementing CoQ10 levels with a quality Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement it is vital for those taking a Statin drug to supplement their CoQ10 levels. Effects of CoQ10 and Statin Myopathy Published in 2012, one study done on the benefits of CoQ10 with regard […]

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health risks of statins

The Health Risks of STATINS

Don’t Let the Drug Companies Cut Your Life Short STATINS may be one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in America, over one fourth of adults over 45 are on these drugs. A staggering and horrifying statistic. Prescribed for patients with heart problems in particular, this drug actually increases your risk of heart disease and […]

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