Study Suggests Low Vitamin D Levels Contribute to Increased Risk of MS

[box]Most people get the majority of their vitamin D from a chemical reaction in their skin when exposed to sunlight. Despite this major source of vitamin D, many people are deficient in this essential vitamin.[/box]

A new study underlined the importance of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels, as a vitamin D deficiency may be a direct cause of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). [1,2]

Low Vitamin D Levels, Higher Risk of MS

This helps to explain why Multiple Sclerosis is much more prevalent in regions with a high-altitude and fewer sunny days. Unless you live in California and enjoy plenty of sun-filled days, chances are you are deficient in vitamin D. Thankfully, you can supplement levels safely with quality vitamin D supplements.

[quote]The identification of vitamin D as a causal susceptibility factor for MS may have important public health implications, since vitamin D insufficiency is common, and vitamin D supplementation is both relatively safe and cost effective.” Dr. Brent Richards, McGill University, Canada[/quote]

Scientists closely examined the DNA of 33,996 individuals. They found a few key variants in the genetic code that were very closely associated with the vitamin D blood marker.

Individuals found to have these genetic variants associated with low vitamin D levels were more than twice as likely to have Multiple Sclerosis.

Shedding Light on Multiple Sclerosis Prevention and Treatment

While more research needs to be done to fully understand the link between vitamin D levels and the development of Multiple Sclerosis, researchers say β€œWhile it may be too much to expect therapeutic vitamin D to treat or reverse ongoing MS, this paper will add to the weight of argument for routine vitamin D supplementation of foodstuffs as a broad preventative public health measure.”

Vitamin D is extraordinarily important for our overall health, immune function and cellular integrity. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a myriad of health problems, including depression. It’s a cost effective supplement with broad total health benefits, making it a no-brainer for everyone to be supplementing on a daily basis.

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