Liposomal Glutathione vs Acetyl Glutathione Supplements

[box]Glutathione is the most important and effective antioxidant in your body. Essential to detoxify our cells and enhance our immune function. As we age our level deplete because we cannot produce it as efficiently. This makes it crucial to supplement this Master Antioxidant to maintain optimal health. Supplementing Glutathione can be tricky though, whether it is liposomal Glutathione or an Acetyl Glutathione supplement can make a big difference.[/box]

What Is Glutathione

As mentioned above, it is the single most important antioxidant in our body. Present in every living thing on the planet and responsible for detoxing our cells, chelating heavy metals and slowing down the aging process.

This tri-peptide molecule consists of Glutamine, Cysteine and Glycine. Protecting our DNA from damage, crucial for our mitochondrial health and function as well as energy production.

Glutathione deficiencies occur because of age or illness. Health conditions deplete our GSH levels and leave us vulnerable to cellular damage due to oxidative stress, toxins and heavy metal toxicity. Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Parkinson’s, Chronic Fatigue and virtually every disease or ailment reduces our Glutathione levels. Even conditions such as Arthritis which is characterized by chronic inflammation and chronic pain can deplete our Glutathione levels.

Heavy metals also tax our system of Glutathione due to the displacement of minerals and nutrients like Magnesium from the Glutathione producing enzymes. Directly inhibiting the production of Glutathione within our body.

Glutathione Supplement Problems

Supplementing Glutathione is essential in order to achieve and maintain optimal levels of this vital antioxidant. But so many Glutathione supplements on the market are relatively ineffective. This is because the Glutathione molecule is rapidly degraded in our digestive tract. Leaving next to no benefits by the time the molecule is absorbed by our body.

Glutathione IV’s have been administered by physicians for years. While this is an effective way to increase Glutathione levels in your body, it has its own problems. You will need to make 2 or 3 appointments a week for one thing, and each appointment will cost more than a months supply of oral Glutathione supplements.

How To Increase Glutathione Levels

There are a couple of ways to increase Glutathione levels without costing you an arm and a leg. Oral Glutathione supplements that include the bioavailable precursors such as N Acetylcysteine can effectively increase Glutathione production.

The more direct ways of supplementing Glutathione include supplements like Liposomal Glutathione or Acetyl Glutathione. They protect the Glutathione molecule from being damaged in the intestinal tract, allowing it to be absorbed intact leaving you with the full benefit.

Liposomal Glutathione

This is an artificially made fatty substance that binds to the molecule in order to protect it from damage during digestion. This vessel is made up of phospholipid layers and it is used as a delivery system for the Glutathione molecule.

One potential problem with Liposomal Glutathione supplements is the shelf-life, thought to be only around 24 months. With so many supplements sitting on the shelf for months before they are even sold, it can be a gamble if the Glutathione molecule is still in tact. Aside from this, Liposomal Glutathione supplements can have a foul taste and odor. This makes it difficult to comply with, supplementing with a pill or liquid that tastes and smells like rotten fish is difficult to take day after day.

Liposomal Glutathione helps the absorption of the GSH molecule. If you are able to source your Liposomal Glutathione from a reputable source, ensuring freshness and quality, it is a fantastic option.

Acetyl Glutathione Supplement Benefits

The acetyl group binds to the sulfur atom in the L-Cysteine molecule. This protects it from degradation from oxidation within the digestive tract and helps reduce the tendency for the molecule to break down over time.

We suggest using Acetyl Glutathione over Liposomal Glutathione for a few reasons, one being taste and odor. Acetyl Glutathione has no foul odor or taste because it does not use a phospholipid vessel in order to improve absorption. We have found that most people prefer a capsule or pill to a gel or paste, simply because a glutathione capsule is easier to comply with.

Acetyl Glutathione is a great way to directly supplement GSH levels in the body. By enhancing GSH serum levels you are allowing the Glutathione molecule access to the hard to reach brain cells. Detoxifying these cells and chelating heavy metals that can lead to the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline.

One of the most effective ways to orally supplement Glutathione directly is with Acetyl Glutathione. Helping improve the health benefits of this master antioxidant by aiding with the absorption issues associated with most other Glutathione supplements.

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3 thoughts on “Liposomal Glutathione vs Acetyl Glutathione Supplements”

  1. I’ve been taking S Acetyl Glutathione for my Lupus symptoms. However, after roughly 10 days of use, I noticed my mind racing, a total inability to concentrate, and horrible suicidal thoughts. I had a similar experience last year when I tried SAM-E. Any thoughts? Both were excellent for inflammation, however my brain chemistry seems to be uncompatible with both. I suspect I am an overmethylator as per Mensah Medical. How can I continue using the SAG while limiting the side effects?

    1. William Thornton

      it means you are experiencing glutamate toxicity causing OCD. anxiety, racing mind symptoms. take taurine and magtein or even pharmagaba to calm down NMDA receptors. about 1/5 of the population has varying problems with glutamate toxicity.

      i just bought some acetylglutathione to experiment with it. it is good to know this problem exists ahead of time. SAME or 5htp will cause my excitatory neurotransmitters to act up which in turn causes more glutamate i think. methylfolate and methylvobalamin i have same problems with. there seems to be methylation problems. i took 23orme dna test too.

      i manage my anxiety and occipital neuralgia with taurine and magtein. i think an autoimmune diet is important since food is a major path for toxins.

  2. Donald Ducko

    This is stupid. It’s is obvious this site is run by GSH Gold. Plus they say Acetyl Glutathione is best then claim the best supplement is GSH gold which has ZERO Acetyl Glutathione in it! L is not Acetyl Glutathione. Just because it has the word acetyl in it doesn’t mean it’s Acetyl Glutathione.

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