Alzheimer’s Study Finds Groundbreaking Supplement Results

A team led by Tom Shea, PHD from the University of Massachusetts did a study on individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or a Mild Cognitive Impairment. A compounded formula containing Vitamin E, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Vitamin B12, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine and Acetyl L-Carnitine proved to greatly aid in the treatment and reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease. These compounds and more are found in our feature Glutathione Supplement SynergiaGSH, you can see why this study peaked our interest.


[box] The Alzheimer’s Association funded the research and a full report will be presented at the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Boston in July.[/box]

The Details of the Study

After a 3 month randomized study of 141 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and another 24 individuals with a Mild Cognitive Impairment, results were astounding. Using a control group, some participants were given the formula and others a placebo.


Results found of the patients taking the formula were extremely positive. Improved cognitive performance, an improvement on the Dementia Rating Scale. Caregivers also reported positive results in the patients, particularly in Neuropsychiatric Inventory.

[box] Participants who continued to use the formula for a further 9 to 12 months reported even further improvement.[/box]


Impact on Mood

As astonishing as the cognitive results are, the impact on the patients mood was reported to be even more significant. Directly reflecting the positive impact on the brain function and tissue regeneration.


Often as a patient regresses through Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease they often become irritable and depressed. This can be detrimental to family members, loved ones and even aid in the progression of the disease.


Worlds Best Cognitive Supplement

We here at GlutathionePRO were very excited to see the end results of this groundbreaking study. Each ingredient in the prescribed formula give to the participants suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease or Cognitive Impairment is found in our favorite and featured Health Supplement. This study is one among thousands that confirm the powerful benefits of the ingredients found in SynergiaGSH the Top Total Immune Health Supplement available. Prevent Alzheimer’s Improve Cognitive Function, Improve Liver Health and the function of each and every cell in our bodies.

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