The Health Benefits of Yoga

[box]Stress is a very real part of life, and in our modern world it is nearly impossible to escape. Whether it is your phone ringing off the hook with work or social obligations, or watching the daily news, we are bombarded by sensory overload and stress. This makes it even more important than ever before to escape life’s stresses and turn to the health benefits of Yoga for some relief.[/box]

What Is Yoga

On the surface Yoga seems like it is simply an elaborate stretching routine. While this is true to a degree, it goes far beyond this. Incorporating stretching exercises with controlled breathing and mind & body attunement. This stress melting activity has grown rapidly in popularity due to its mass appeal, with an entry point for nearly every body type or physical ability.

Slow methodical movements and stretches that improve flexibility, strength and peace of mind. There are many different types of yoga varying in intensity and pace, one of the more common forms of yoga is Hatha Yoga. The slow pace and focus on easy movements that don’t strain your body too much allow beginners to flourish making it a fantastic entry point for anyone interesting in trying Yoga out.

Health Benefits of Yoga

The obvious benefits of Yoga include improved flexibility and core strength, the benefits go far beyond this though. The seemingly simple act of controlling your breathing while practicing yoga yields immense benefits to calming the mind and allowing full control over your body’s movement. The health benefits of Yoga can be divided into 3 main categories.

  • Reducing Stress with Yoga

The act of stretching and focusing on your body’s movements as well as controlling breathing and having your body and mind work as one is extremely beneficial. Essentially a type of meditation, your focus on the immediate actions and soothing movements relieves stress and anxiety. This enhances your mood, well-being and minimizes your daily stress which improves your overall cellular health and can even prevent disease.

  • Improving Fitness through Yoga

It is no surprise that improving your fitness level has immense health benefits. Improving flexibility and strength, balance and range of motion. This can dramatically reduce the chances of injuring yourself due to other physical endeavors. Improving cardiovascular health through consistent moderate exercise and Yoga is extremely beneficial for lung health and capacity. This leaves you open to pursuing other physical activities without the handicap of poor fitness and endurance.

  • Improving Health Conditions with Yoga

Because of the benefits to your cardiovascular health and lung function you are improving the health and well-being of nearly every bodily system. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving blood pressure and even aiding in chronic conditions like arthritis, depression, pain and anxiety.

Health Benefits of Yoga for Women

What if I told you that your sex life could be significantly enhanced by practicing Yoga regularly? Well after 12 weeks of participating in a Yoga program, it was found that women under 45 years old reported enhanced quality of orgasms. This goes well beyond the common notion that flexibility enhances sex life, it will enhance your orgasms regardless of the position.

Reducing stress levels can yield immense benefits for your skin as well, reducing the frequency of blemishes like acne. By practicing Yoga regularly you can even enhance overall skin quality and health, even improving the rate at which your skin heals itself. Giving you clearer more vibrant skin naturally through relieving stress.

Yoga is a form of meditation, which is a very beneficial practice for anyone everyday. This translates into a better quality sleep, reducing insomnia while leaving you refreshed like never before in the morning. This is partially due to the stress relieving qualities of Yoga, as well as the moderate physical exertion daily.

Enhance your mood! Feel better and happier by hitting the Yoga mat regularly. It has been found that by practicing yoga regularly you will actually balance your brain chemistry and improve the feel good receptors in your brain. While a quiet activity can have similar effects, it was found that practicing yoga was far more effective than taking the same amount of time each day to do a quiet activity like reading a book.

Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Women are not alone when it comes to sexual benefits of Yoga. Men also benefit sexually by practicing yoga regularly. By improving cardiovascular health and oxygen flow throughout the body you are improving the health and function of every organ in the body (including the sexual organs). This translates into an increased sexual stamina and performance.

Normal activities such as football or strength training only work out a small portion of the body, focusing on select muscles while neglecting the vast majority. The health benefits of yoga for men include working out every muscle, joint and organ in the body, improving oxygen in the blood stream which provides your muscles and tissues with the fuel they require to function effectively while maximizing performance.

Whether you are a pro athlete or enjoy hitting the gym on a frequent basis, get over the taboo of men on the Yoga mat and improve your performance on every level. Leave your ego at the door and practice yoga regularly to enhance your physical performance as well as your mental focus. By rehearsing the harmony between body, mind and lung control you will enhance your athletic performance in every respect.

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