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10 Herbs that Help Reduce Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis pain can greatly impair your ability to perform simple daily tasks. This, unfortunately turns into a vicious loop, as scientific studies have shown that inactivity actually aids the advancement of the disease. People generally take to pharmaceutical painkillers, but with the side effects that come with these, more and more people are embracing natural […]

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anti-inflammatory diet tips

The Anti Inflammation Diet

By incorporating these Anti Inflammatory Foods into your diet everyday and cutting out the Pro Inflammatory Foods such as processed sugars and unhealthy fats, you can eat well and prevent disease. You have everything to gain by trying out a Anti Inflammation Diet today! Inflammation is a key contributor to many diseases, it is especially […]

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What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation is your bodies response to harmful pathogens, irritants and damaged cells, allowing the healing process to begin. A biological response often attributed to infection, while this is not entirely true. Infection is caused by bacteria, fungus or a virus, inflammation occurs as a defensive mechanism prompted by your body. If inflammation never occurred, your […]

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How Inflammation Causes Cancer

Recent data expanded the conception that inflammation is an important factor in tumor progression. Several cancers grow from chronic irritation, sites of infection, and inflammation. The tumor micro-environment which is highly orchestrated by inflammatory cells, forms an indispensable contribution in the neoplastic process, survival, fostering proliferation and migration. More so, tumor cells co-opt some of the innate immune system signaling molecules like […]

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