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The Link Between Cortisol Levels and Immune Function

Cortisol and Immune Function T-cells are a vital component of cell-mediated immunity, cortisol prevents T-cells from proliferating. Cortisol can also inhibit inflammation by limiting the histamine response. While chronic inflammation is a huge detriment to our health, inflammation in regulated amounts is actually a boon to our immune function and healing response. [1,2] People suffering […]

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What is L-Glutathione and Why You Need More

We will explore some of the benefits of supplementing GSH levels and what it means to your health and well-being. Why Quality Matters Grabbing a glutathione supplement off the shelf is a bit of a gamble, you really need to look close at the ingredient list and ensure you are picking the very best GSH […]

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Weak Immune System Symptoms & Dangers

There are several causes of developing a weak immune system ranging from liver disease, abnormalities in white blood cell development and function, use of certain medications especially steroids as well as poor nutrition and general health status. Symptoms of a weak immune system serve to signal the body and warn the individual to avoid further […]

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A Look at T Cells in the Immune System

T cells are also known as T lymphocytes. Part of the white blood cell group lymphocytes, along side of B cells and NK or natural killer cells. There are different subsets of the T cells, each fulfilling a unique function. T cells get their name because they are produced and matured in the thymus gland. […]

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Obstacles of an Aging Immune System

As our bodies age so do our cells. Most importantly our immune system ages, lowering its effectiveness and ramping up the aging process. Allowing free radicals and toxins to do more damage to our body without the resources to repair them quickly enough. Aging is caused by the oxidation of our cells, it is our […]

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L-Glutamine Immune System Benefits

Glutamine is an amino acid, one of the components of your immune system. Supplementing glutamine levels offers a boost in immune function and muscle recovery. Glutamine is made by our bodies, but when our immune system is fighting illness or injury levels drop and we are more vulnerable. L-Glutamine is made primarily in muscle tissue, […]

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Boost Your Immune System Naturally

A healthy immune system is important for our well being so we are able fight off any diseases that come our way. We all get sick now and then, irrespective of how healthy we are. But you can boost the defenses of your immune system against bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals by fine-tuning some components of your […]

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