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Reviewing the Top Whey Protein Supplements

Finding high quality whey protein powders can be quite difficult these days. More often than not, they contain potentially harmful ingredients, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. The source and processing techniques also play a major role in the quality and efficacy of the whey protein, as many processing techniques destroy much of the nutritional value. […]

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Reviewing the Top Fish Oil Supplements

While searching for the best quality fish oil supplements on the market, you need to take a few factors into consideration. The quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids, the source of the oil, product purity and freshness. Before we explore 4 of the top fish oil supplements, let’s discuss why fish oil is so important to […]

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Reviewing the Top Probiotic Supplements

There are an estimated 100-trillion microorganisms inhabiting the average bowel. The bacteria found in our gut are actually quite useful, keeping harmful pathogens in check, aiding in the digestive process and improving nutrient absorption. While the thought of supplementing bacteria seems off putting, it is an extremely beneficial thing to do. Benefits of Probiotic Supplements […]

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Reviewing the Top Curcumin Supplements

The component in turmeric root responsible for the many health benefits it has to offer is called curcumin. When supplementing curcumin, absorption is the name of the game. Curcumin is extremely beneficial for our overall health, acting as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The problem is, we typically only absorb about 2% of the […]

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